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12 Best Video Email Marketing Software for 2023

Best Video Email Marketing Software Shortlist

Here’s the shortlist of the best video email marketing software tools that I’ll cover:

  1. Loom - Best for simple video recording
  2. BombBomb - Best for tailored video messaging at scale
  3. Hippo Video - Best for contextual, interactive videos
  4. Dubb - Best for feedback-based video refinement
  5. Vidyard - Best for outbound sales teams
  6. Quickpage - Best for closing sales deals
  7. Sendspark - Best for email prospecting sequencings
  8. Zight - Best for customer training, onboarding, or support
  9. - Best for remote sales pitches
  10. Viewed - Best for personalized remarketing videos
  11. Biteable - Best for video customizations
  12. Covideo - Best for nurturing video engagement

Wordy emails with no visuals aren’t the best marketing tool. Videos keep your email marketing campaigns in front of the customer and out of the spam folder, increasing engagement.

In this article, I’ll define what video email marketing software is, and discuss the selection criteria I used to pick the best tools. I’ll showcase their features, software integrations, prices, and pros and cons. ‌I’ll also present other software options and a list of FAQs.

What Is Video Email Marketing Software?

A video email marketing campaign employs videos embedded in the email directly. After all, videos are highly engaging and more entertaining than plain words. They're excellent for compiling complex info in a digestible way that holds viewers' attention.

Most importantly, videos in email increase click-through rates, improve customer trust, propel buying decisions, and put a face to your brand.

Video email marketing software helps send out hundreds or thousands of targeted video emails — without breaking a sweat.

Choosing the right tool can improve email campaigns and strengthen your engagement with leads and customers.

Overviews of the 12 Best Video Email Marketing Software

I assessed each of the tools on this list and summarized their key features and what I think they do best to maximize your video email marketing campaigns.

1. Loom - Best for simple video recording

Loom saves you time by allowing you to record videos either from your workspace or on the go.

Loom is a video communication software known for its screen recording, video editing, and sharing features. Suitable for asynchronous video meetings or presentations, Loom is a great choice for boosting outreach, sending client tutorials or demos, and quicker sales cycles.

Why I Picked Loom

I like this tool because of its availability on Chrome, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Loom is accessible. Anyone can use it as a screen recorder, which makes it a good fit for churning out product demos, customer onboarding, and more. That said, Loom is best for content recording, especially with its high-tech video editing interface that makes videos look professional. After recording, Loom generates a shareable link to embed into your email campaigns. Overall, Loom is well qualified for communicating and connecting with leads and customers in a personable manner.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include usable video templates for product features videos, async sales demos or meetings, or how-to guides: all so you can create custom, scalable videos for all your audience segments. I also enjoy the tools for increasing engagement by allowing viewers to click on custom in-video CTAs, react to, or comment on your videos.

Integrations include Asana, ClickUp, Confluence, Dropbox Business, GitHub, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, and ZenDesk Suite.

Pricing: Free Starter plan, with paid plans starting at $12.50 per month, billed annually.

Free Trial: 14-day trial


  • Easy to use
  • Can email your video with a link to your recipient
  • Can exchange comments within a video


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Limited editing capabilities

2. BombBomb - Best for tailored video messaging at scale

BombBomb allows you to create and upload a personalized video from Chrome.

BombBomb is best for tailoring video messaging and automating video email outreach. I chose it to guide you to build personalized custom sequences and targeted video messaging.

Why I Picked BombBomb

What I appreciate most about BombBomb is that it generates a checklist of what videos to record based on audience segment data. It also provides video outlines and scripts so you have everything you need to record. This is how you can send tailored video emails at scale. Beyond that, BombBomb also helps with video copy editing and suggestions to improve your campaign.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include its intricate video player customization, campaign performance tracking, thread length tracking, viewer reactions. My favorite part about BombBomb is its engagement insights and auditing; which help you improve your email sequences before sending videos.

Integrations like its browser extensions allow you to use it on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It also includes integrations withFacebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Outlook, Outreach, Salesforce, Twitter and YouTube, and more to create a coordinated email marketing strategy.

Pricing: Starts from $33 a month.

Free trial: 14-day free trial. You can also request a free Demo.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Offers recommendations to improve videos
  • Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, and Android


  • Lacks detailed data-reporting
  • Slow loading interface

3. Hippo Video - Best for contextual, interactive videos

Hippo Video allows you to create videos with a built in teleprompter and edit them with their In-App video editor.

Hippo is a video creation platform focused on customer experience. With its AI backend, it helps you make scalable videos all while personalizing the context according to the buyer journey.

Why I Picked Hippo Video

Because of its CX focus, Hippo is built to increase interactivity between you and your prospects and customers. From my experience, few tools have Hippo Video’s pre-made Video Flows that are customizable for each individual prospect. This library of templates works for multiple use cases and situations. I personally struggled most before with recording over and over until I got the perfect video, but with Hippo Video, it’s possible to prepare videos ahead of time.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include a built-in teleprompter feature that allows you to insert your notes or entire script, and it’ll play on your screen as you record live. I also like its In-App video editor contained in Hippo Video’s dashboard, which enables static or animated thumbnails.

Integrations include Chrome, Gmail, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Outlook, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Slack, Zapier, and Zoom.

Pricing: Plans start at $15 per month.

Free trial: Offers a 7-day trial, plus a free demo.


  • Enables sales and support messages
  • Collects testimonials


  • Slow video loading
  • Minimal video customization options

4. Dubb - Best for feedback-based video refinement

Dubb’s automation features include the option to build an email sequence, create drip campaigns, and create custom landing pages.

Dubb is a video creation, sharing, and tracking software aimed to increase revenue by finetuning your video email marketing campaign.

Why I Picked Dubb

My favorite thing about Dubb? It provides AI suggestions. I really enjoyed using its integrated Caira software, which provides instant feedback about videos before pushing them out to the email list. It all contributes to Dubb’s aims to optimize for the most effective videos.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include unlimited video storage so you can build a portfolio page on which to keep all your videos. I like that it empowers users to create scripts on the platform that the entire team can view for collaborative video creation.

Integrations include API-driven syncing with other management, marketing and social media platforms like Asana, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Outlook, Salesforce, and YouTube.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $42 per month.

Free Trial: There’s a demo available.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Track user activity
  • Customize video landing pages, CTAs, and drip campaigns


  • A little pricey
  • Bit of a learning curve

5. Vidyard - Best for outbound sales teams

With Vidyard, you can create a video that has a custom landing page.

Vidyard is a system built for prospect engagement at every step of the way. Its ready-to-go video templates are available for prospecting and business introductions to sales demos and walkthroughs, making it a fitting tool for outbound sales reps.

Why I Picked Vidyard

I mainly chose this software because of its rich video template library. It empowers you to create content that puts a face to your brand, delivered right to your prospects' inboxes. I’ve found that this gives sales cycles a personal touch. Moreover, Vidyard’s templates focus on capturing and retaining outbound prospects. You can use them to create an intro banner for every video, and relevant sales videos that'll answer your prospects’ every question.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include Vidyard’s prospect engagement tracking, the data of which you can sync with your CRM for more informed sales strategies. I’ve seen this work wonders for sales reps with zero video-making skills. Personally, my favorite feature is its two-in-one video editor and sharing tools that allow for live streaming to reach more leads at once.

Integrations include Facebook, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Gmail, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, and Zoom.

Pricing: Plans start at $19 a month.

Free Trial: The Pro plan has a 14-day free trial, and the Business plan has a demo.


  • Create personalized videos easily
  • Post videos directly from your CRM system
  • Ready-to-go templates


  • System can sometimes freeze up
  • Videos can take some time to load

6. Quickpage - Best for automatic and real estate industries

With ‌live messaging on video, Quickpage allows you to stay connected with leads.

Quickpage is video message software with video email marketing functionality suited for sales reps. Its specific use-cases are the automotive and real estate industries, which require close client relationships to close big sales deals.

Why I Picked Quickpage

Most of the tools I recommend here are generalized for all industries, but Quickpage stands out for its tailored approach to automotive and real estate businesses. Its video tools aim to increase lead response rates for car sales. The video creation tool is meant for close communication with prospects with car appraisals, test driving, and follow-up videos. For real estate, Quickpage supports companies to send remote house showings and tours. Real estate agents can better showcase home features and reply to email inquiries with personal videos.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features that I enjoyed most is its screen recording interface with the added bonus of sharing important documents (i.e. car features, home feature sheets, etc.). That way, you can explain the documetns alongside the recording. I also liked that videos contain a live messaging feature so you can follow up with your recipients directly.

Integrations include Adobe Acrobat DC, Calendly, Chrome, ConvertKit, Facebook, Gmail, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Pricing: Plans start at $21 per month.

Free Trial: There's a free 7-day trial for both the Basic and Pro plans.


  • Interface is easy to use and navigate
  • Ability to build a personalized slider of content


  • Slow video upload time

7. Sendspark - Best for email prospecting sequencing

Spendspark’s analytics tell how many views, plays, likes, and watch time your videos have gotten.

Why I Picked Sendspark

Sendspark helps account managers stay on top of their email prospecting campaigns by putting a face to the business. I found its strength lies in its organized user experience and collaborative workspace. It offers a place for personal and team video libraries, and you can store tons of assets for each brand or account.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features that stood out to me the most were its fantastic interface and the ability to organize files by video filters, folders, and subfolders. I’ve enjoyed how Sendspark allows not only sales teams, but also marketing and support teams, to collaborate on consistent video email outreach.

Integrations include email apps and productivity apps like Apple Mail, Calendly, Outlook, and Yahoo for easy email distribution. It also connects with key platforms for better marketing results, like Facebook Messenger, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Salesforce, WhatsApp, Zendesk, and Zoho.

Pricing: Plans start at $12 per month.

Free Trial: 7-day trial.


  • Easy and convenient way to send videos
  • Integrated with apps like Gmail, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, and Outlook


  • Maximum video size is 150 MB
  • Limited CTA customization

8. Zight - Best for customer training, onboarding, or support

Zight dashboard screenshot
While Zight offers a comprehensive platform to store all your video content, it can sometimes be slow to load. (Image source)

Zight (formerly CloudApp) improves communication with asynchronous video meetings. It also includes extra features for contextualizing videos and adding interactive elements to push the conversation forward.

Why I Picked Zight

While most of the tools here work for asynchronous communication with prospects and customers, Zight has extra features like enabling annotations on your video, emojis, commentary, arrows, and more.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features that stood out to me most is its ability to overlay a webcam recording and screen recording on videos. This makes it so easy to humanize any product demo or onboarding. I also enjoy its smart branding features, like customizable thumbnails, image editors, and more.

Integrations include Adobe XD, Asana, Basecamp, Chrome, Drift, Freshdesk, FreshService, Giblab, Google Docs Lite, LiveAgent, Medium, Microsoft Office, Slack, Trello, WordPress, Zapier, Zendesk, and Zoho CRM.

Pricing: A free plan is available, and paid plans start at $9.95 per month.

Free Trial: There’s a free 7-day trial for the Individual plan.


  • Clients click the URL that they’re given by the sender and can view their video without having to create a Zight account
  • GIFs provide a great customizable option


  • Chrome extension can sometimes be slow to load

9. - Best for remote sales pitches

Vadootv-dashboard-screenshot gives you the ability to customize your video player.

As a video-hosting system, helps you skyrocket engagement with prospects in the middle-to-later stages of the sales funnel.

Why I Picked is best for remote sales pitches, in my opinion. It’s an easy-to-use system that requires little know-how. With it, I found it effortless to set up informative and educational videos for potential customers.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features that I thought were unique include its complex video management abilities. You can set up a profile channel, private uploading, and store unlimited videos. I especially thought it convenient that lets you request customer feedback and testimonials in video format via email from your customers.

Integrations include Amazon S3, Google Drive, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, Publitio, Vimeo, YouTube, and Zapier.

Pricing: The Starter plan costs $10 monthly.

Free Trial: Free plan is available.


  • Customized landing pages
  • Good customer service support
  • Comes with plenty of storage space


  • Loading times can be slow

10. Viewed - Best for personalized remarketing videos

Viewed empowers you to build personalized, tailored videos to send to your email list on a massive scale.

With its API, Viewed can send real-time personalized videos to visitors who have abandoned their cart. It stands out as a remarketing-focused video email marketing software that grabs audiences at a key point in their journey.

Why I Picked Viewed

What I like the most about Viewed is its capability to deploy personalized videos at scale. It offers countless options to personalize email marketing campaigns using individual customer details in videos.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features that I like best all help contribute to Viewed’s focus on personalized remarketing videos. My time dealing with video email marketing proved that the higher the personalization level, the better. Viewed capitalizes on this well. WIth it, you can customize specific details like customer name, numbers, dates, prices, customizable images, voiceover, and text.

Integrations include Mailchimp, HubSpot, BEEfree, and other key email marketing systems. You can also embed the video code in most email systems and CRMs.

Pricing: Plans start at $39/month.

Free Trial: 30-day free trial available.


  • Embed video in emails using polymorphic code
  • Built for video remarketing campaigns
  • View campaign results in real-time


  • No ability to center documents on the page

11. Biteable - Best for video customizations

Biteable has a large library of customizable templates.

The focal point of Biteable’s video email marketing software is making on-brand videos. WIth its exhaustive customization options, I believe they succeed in that aspect.

Why I Picked Biteable

My favorite part about Biteable is its huge library of over a hundred templates depending on context and purpose. Other customization options allow you to finetune your videos for your brand and your audience.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include video templates fit for any situation, purpose, audience, and messaging. Its branding tools are designed to automatically be applied with one click, which saved me a lot of time. Using Biteable allowed me to quickly create multiple branded preset customizations, with brand-aligned color palette, font, logo, and design.

Integrations include Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Slack, and Zoom.

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month.

Free Trial: There's a free 7-day trial.


  • User-friendly
  • Variety of animations
  • Incredibly customizable


  • For startups, the cost can be expensive
  • Lacks sufficient integrations

12. Covideo - Best for nurturing video engagement

While most video email marketing software includes analytics, Covideo’s stat page is designed to improve sale enablement.

Covideo is a software built to create sales-enabling videos. Its video email marketing features allow your sales team the right resources and tools for nurturing leads and increasing sales.

Why I Picked Covideo

When I tried Covideo for the first time, I instantly liked that you could build a library of ready-made videos to use as needed. I saved a lot of time preparing personalized intros and combining them with new video content. In my opinion, Because of this, I think Covideo is a good choice for building two-way relationships with your leads.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include its advanced content importing and video management. For me, it simplified the process of improving videos, especially with its detailed analytics. I also enjoyed its teleprompter feature that allows you to shoot videos while reading from your script. Finally, with its annotation markups, you can include hyperlinked CTAs and other elements in your videos.

Integrations include Chrome, Outlook, Salesforce, and Zoom.

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month, billed annually.

Free Trial: There's a free 7-day trial.


  • Auto-generated captions with 12 languages available for translation
  • Can shoot videos from your phone and edit them
  • High-resolution backgrounds for videos


  • Lacks template customization
  • Slow video uploading

Other Video Email Marketing Software Options

Here are a few more worthwhile options that didn’t make the list:

  1. Bonjoro - Best for instant video follow-ups
  2. EasyMovie - Best for communication teams
  3. Pirsonal - Best for data-driven video interactivity
  4. Quicki - Best for async video networking
  5. - Best for text-to-speech video
  6. Vidyou - Best for auto-generated product ad videos
  7. Playable - Best for eCommerce
  8. Vidvocal - Best for secure infrastructure

Selection Criteria For the Best Video Email Marketing Software

Instead of wasting a lot of time sifting through the top video email markeitng software on the market (like I did), learn from my experience. During my time managing targeted email marketing strategies, I narrowed down important factors that I used to assess the tools on this list:

Core Functionality

When evaluating various video email marketing software, I made sure they had the following core functionalities:

  • Empower you to edit videos with many personalization options
  • Include automated tools to optimize your email marketing sequences
  • Allow you to track the performance of emails embedded with video

Key Features

To deliver the core functionality I outlined above, here are some features I think are key in video email marketing software:

  • Robust video storage: The software needs to securely hold your library of videos to use and reuse.
  • Screen or webcam recording: While not a requirement, a software that screen-records or includes webcam recording helps you create live content or videos on the fly.
  • Segment targeting: As an email marketing software, the tool should help you target video messaging to email segments.
  • Video customization: The more options, the merrier. The software should have rich editing features, video templates, branded customization, transcription, translation, and more.
  • Campaign tracking: Your business needs software that tracks key tools like email open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and deliverability rates. This data is useful for iterating on better versions of your video email campaign.
  • Automation: A quality system should also tackle trigger-based email marketing automation so that auto-personalized videos can be sent to the relevant segmented drip campaign based on user analytics.


The software’s user experience should be well organized and make the video creation and sharing process smoother. The menus and general layout should be clean and have sensible, non-confusing options. The library should be easy to access and navigate, preferably with a sorting or filtering feature. Finally, consider the video editor’s usability -- opting for software with drag-and-drop is a smart idea.


Many of the tools I’ve chosen integrate with email marketing systems like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, etc. While email marketing software integrations are helpful, they aren't a must. Most (if not all) video email marketing software uses unique code you can embed in your email system of choice.

Value for Money

Prices differ depending on the software features, but they generally range from $10 to a max of about $50, monthly. If the tool has a cheaper price tag, it still must have basic features like video capture and editing features.

People Also Ask

Since diving deep into the world of video email marketing software, I’ve come across the following common questions.

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Which software is your new best friend?

Video email marketing software is a powerful, effective tool for your email marketing campaigns.

With this software, your company will have the tools it needs to increase its chances of customer engagement, open emails, and click-through rates.

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By Stephanie Hood

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