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12 Best Brand Protection Software In 2023

Best Brand Protection Software Shortlist 

I created the following shortlist of some of the best brand protection software to help your company fight brand abuse.

  1. Red Points - Best for anti-piracy protection
  2. Corsearch - Best for AI-based brand protection
  3. BrandShield - Best for reputation monitoring
  4. Marqvision - Best for IP registration
  5. ActiveFence - Best for malicious behavior and content protection
  6. Constella Intelligence - Best breach data collection
  7. PhishLabs - Best complete threat intelligence tool
  8. ZeroFox - Best for monitoring public platforms
  9. Sentryc - Best for removing counterfeit products
  10. Bolster - Best for automated brand protection
  11. GrowByData - Best for MAP monitoring
  12. Mimecast - Best brand protection toolset

The need for brand protection software is becoming more crucial as the internet continues to be more widespread. As more people shop online, criminals can find ways to make money by tricking your customers, such as typosquatting, brand jacking, and duplicating website layouts or trademarks. Brand abuse is becoming a significant issue, resulting in revenue loss and brand reputation damage. Luckily, there are various companies specializing in brand protection software, and in this article, I’ll evaluate the best solutions that can help you maintain your brand’s reputation and revenue.

What Is Brand Protection Software

Brand protection software refers to a comprehensive set of technological tools and solutions designed to safeguard the reputation and intellectual property of a brand. It involves various features such as online monitoring, trademark infringement detection, counterfeit detection, minimum suggested retail price noncompliance, and enforcement capabilities. By utilizing advanced algorithms and data analytics, this software helps organizations detect and mitigate unauthorized use of their brand assets, combat counterfeit products, monitor online marketplaces, social media platforms, and websites, as well as enforce legal actions to protect their brand identity and consumer trust. 

Overviews of the 12 Best Brand Protection Software

The following overviews detail my research of the best brand protection software available. These solutions will help your business fight brand abuse, monitor your trademark, and increase customer engagement.

1. Red Points - Best for anti-piracy protection

red points brand protection software screenshot
The platform regularly works towards identifying new listings and confirming whether there are any counterfeit infringements.

Red Points is a cloud-based digital recovery platform offering various services to protect a brand’s digital presence. The software manages anti-piracy capabilities with features to help businesses remove online threats and protect intellectual property.

Why I picked Red Points: I decided to add Red Points to start this list off because it provides complete visibility into your brand’s online presence. It’s used by thousands of companies worldwide to fight online piracy and help them retain control and increase their brand’s value and revenues. The platform uses artificial intelligence to detect and fight intellectual piracy violations 24/7.

Red Points Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include brand impersonation protection that will take down fake accounts, websites, apps, and domains to protect your company and customers. The platform also offers domain management capabilities that identify and watch over domains taking advantage of your brand.

Integrations include the ability to connect your current business systems through Red Point’s API so your teams will receive personalized reports and dashboards from your company’s data.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible platform
  • Highly qualified customer support
  • User interface could provide more information
  • Some issues aren’t detected at times

2. Corsearch - Best for AI-based brand protection

corsearch brand protection software screenshot
Use the platform to fast-track trademark management tasks to quickly get results.

Corsearch is an all-in-one brand protection platform that provides AI-based trademark, content, and brand protection. This tool can identify and combat online intellectual property infringements, protect company data and customers, and enhance critical ecommerce channel protection.

Why I picked Corsearch: Artificial intelligence is a significant topic in today’s society, with many benefits for businesses and brand protection. I wanted to add Corsearch for consideration because it uses AI to help brands gain significant coverage across the internet. Corsearch’s artificial intelligence algorithms can automatically discover features, images, and logos to remove counterfeits.

Corsearch offers a combination of AI and machine learning tools to power its brand protection capabilities. The platform’s artificial intelligence features can provide your brand with extensive threat protection. Corsearch will identify hard-to-locate dangers, notify your teams, and help you quickly act to preserve your brand’s reputation.

Corsearch Standout Features

Standout features include trademark screening tools that will help you check worldwide viability on over 1,000 online databases. Corsearch also provides anti-counterfeit capabilities to discover and remove counterfeits across multiple channels, stop brand abuse, and protect your intellectual property.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Human-trained artificial intelligence
  • Can protect publishing and media content
  • Monitors market and distribution threats
  • No integrations available
  • No clear pricing plans

3. BrandShield - Best for reputation monitoring

brandshield brand protection software screenshot
Gain access to multiple security tools that focus on protecting brands and their employees.

BrandShield provides businesses with tools to help monitor and manage their online reputation. Organizations will have access to features to protect their online brands.

Why I picked BrandShield: The platform provides your business with tools to scan the internet and detect online brand abuse and trademark infringements to protect your company’s reputation. BrandShield continuously monitors the entire internet to identify and analyze possible and real threats to your brand’s reputation. The brand management tool analyzes content metrics, utilizes algorithms to prioritize risk levels, uses machine learning to enhance results based on the company’s actions, and employs pattern recognition methods to identify significant brand threats.

BrandShield Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include tools to help your business find and eliminate executive impersonators who build social accounts or spoofed domains using employee details. The platform can also handle paid advertisement protection that scans keywords and monitors them for your brand to identify any abuse or misuse of your brand.

Integrations include a connection with Okta to simplify access to your teams working with BrandShield by enabling enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO).

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Suitable for trademark infringement discovery
  • Identifies content copies
  • Offers in-depth analytics
  • Steep learning curve
  • Pricing details aren’t transparent

4. Marqvision - Best for IP registration

marqvision brand protection software screenshot

Detect and remove counterfeits from ecommerce sites, online marketplaces, social media, and other sources.

Marvision helps businesses quickly register, manage, and monitor trademarks to secure IP protection in an all-in-one intellectual property management solution.

Why I picked Marqvision: The platform provides a centralized area where you can monitor and manage your IP applications’ progress in real-time. Marvision offers businesses tools to receive more transparency regarding their intellectual property registration and helps them get their trademarks quicker. To do this, Marqvision uses a network of elite, global law firms specializing in local trademark laws.

Marqvision Standout Features

Standout features include artificial intelligence tools that track and remove illegal content and fight online piracy to protect your copyrighted work’s value. Marqvision also offers capabilities that automatically detect and remove product counterfeits from most online marketplaces.

Pricing: From $1,000/month.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Efficient and timely counterfeit detection
  • Quick counterfeit elimination
  • Identify real sources of threats
  • Pricing isn’t suitable for small businesses
  • Limited detection channels on the lower level

5. ActiveFence - Best for malicious behavior and content protection

activefence brand protection software screenshot
Measure the content moderation team’s efficiency to improve multiple dimensions of protection.

ActiveFence helps businesses prevent malicious activity from causing harm to their brand and revenue. The platform provides solutions to protect brands from negative behavior and content.

Why I picked ActiveFence: This platform made the list because it can help your brand by providing proactive and on-demand insights. ActiveFence’s threat intelligence can enable you to identify content abuse and hostile behavior that you might struggle to find. The software uses your business’s unique policies in combination with human expertise and contextual AI to provide tailored content violation detection.

ActiveFence Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include automation tools that increase efficiency with AI-based automated content moderation that uses rules and actions based on risk score thresholds to remove high-risk threats. ActiveFence also offers dark web monitoring features that identify phishing attempts, compromised credentials, and potential brand abuses.

Integrations include the ability to connect ActiveFence with your current systems through an API if you have coding experience or someone on your team with development expertise.

Pricing: From $2,000/month.
Free Trial: Free plan available.

  • Customizable platform
  • Free plan for new users
  • Actionable risk mitigation insights
  • Pricing isn’t suitable for small businesses
  • Free plan is limited to one user

6. Constella Intelligence - Best breach data collection

constella intelligence brand protection software screenshot
Access digital risk protection solutions that detect and mitigate domain threats.

Constella Intelligence provides the visibility businesses need to take action on harmful activity before they can cause significant brand damage.

Why I picked Constella Intelligence: I added Constella Intelligence to this article because of how the platform continuously monitors external threats and provides your business with essential information to stop threats. Automating external threat monitoring will help your organization eliminate threat detection and response delays. For example, Constella Intelligence can automatically analyze billions of data points to identify malicious content and images that are targeting your brand.

Constella Intelligence Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include account takeover protection tools that safeguard your business’s assets and identify external fraud activity before any damage can take place. The platform also offers employee protection features that prevent counterfeiters from using your employees’ compromised credentials to access company data and systems.

Integrations include custom connections with third-party business systems through the software’s API.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Consistent threat assessments
  • Delivers timely results
  • Allows high-level competitor research
  • Customer support needs work
  • Steep learning curve

7. PhishLabs - Best complete threat intelligence tool

phishlabs brand protection software screenshot
Comprehensive mitigation tools combine an extensive global takedown network and other capabilities to disrupt threats.

PhishLabs can provide complete threat intelligence details to help organizations protect themselves from malicious actions.

Why I picked PhishLabs: The sheer amount of data on the internet can be overwhelming, so I added PhishLabs to help your business gain insight from it all. The platform can remove this burden by offering threat-specific processes and context to provide expert-vetted intelligence. PhishLabs reduces the noise of all the data your business finds and helps you focus on immediate threats, ensuring alignment with your needs and reducing threat lifespan.

PhishLabs Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include social media protection tools that monitor social networks for threats by gathering data from thousands of sites. PhishLabs can also help your organization by protecting it from suspicious emails.

Integrations include a connection with Hubstream that allows you to combine PhishLab’s data to their platform and organize threat information to investigate.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Provides excellent threat operation security
  • Virtually eliminates attacks
  • Active and supportive team
  • Lacks customization options
  • User interface needs work

8. ZeroFox - Best for monitoring public platforms

zerofox brand protection software screenshot
Collect and process a significant amount of threat information and take action on various insights.

ZeroFox is an AI-powered brand protection software that offers coverage to protect businesses against counterfeits and cyber attacks. The platform provides comprehensive monitoring of public digital channels.

Why I picked ZeroFox: Social media and digital presence might be a significant aspect of your engagement strategies, so I added ZeroFox to help you understand and address the risks presented in the public platforms. ZeroFox allows you to assess your business’s digital risk exposure across multiple platforms where cyberattacks can happen. The platform can scan and monitor channels such as social media accounts, company emails, mobile apps, and product names and images.

ZeroFox Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include dark web monitoring tools that actively seek information and activity that can potentially damage your brand. ZeroFox also offers compromised credential monitoring that quickly identifies compromised credentials that are leaked online.

Integrations include connections with various third-party applications that can help your business eliminate silos, enhance current security tools, and make more intelligent decisions. ZeroFox can integrate with tools such as Anomali, Cyware, D3 Security, Freshservice, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Splunk, Tableau, ThreatConnect, and other software options.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Extensive portfolio of threat intelligence features
  • Excellent customer support
  • Simple asset setup
  • No email threat monitoring
  • Some false positives have occurred

9. Sentryc - Best for removing counterfeit products

sentryc brand protection software screenshot
Gain access to continuous monitoring of marketplaces and social media to identify counterfeit products and sellers.

Sentryc is a brand protection software that promises automatic elimination of counterfeit offers and offers trademark law enforcement in 48 hours. The platform will scan websites and social media networks for trademark infringements and empower you to remove counterfeits in one click.

Why I picked Sentryc: Counterfeiters typically operate across multiple platforms simultaneously, so I added Sentryc to this list for consideration because it can recognize these sellers and get their listings removed. Sentryc utilizes machine learning capabilities to analyze online marketplaces and social media and determine whether there are counterfeit listings by comparing different metrics, such as price, quantity, or ratings. You can also add legitimate dealers to the program so it will filter them out from the search and leave their listings in place.

Sentryc Standout Features

Standout features include anti-piracy tools that take action against illegal sales of your company’s products. Sentryc can also help protect your product images and protect your copyrights from unauthorized users.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Can discover content plagiarism
  • Customizable to unique needs
  • No setup fees
  • No clear pricing
  • Lacks software integrations

10. Bolster - Best for automated brand protection

bolster brand protection software screenshot
Use the dark web monitoring tool to gain visibility across various resources.

Bolster offers automated brand protection capabilities to help businesses protect their brand. It implements highly advanced artificial intelligence to automatically detect and takedown brand abuse sites.

Why I picked Bolster: The platform’s artificial intelligence-powered solution can help your business automate the detection, analysis, and takedown of fraudulent content, scams, and infringement. Bolster’s AI works across various online channels, such as domain name registrations, app stores, social media networks, and the dark web. The platform can save your team hundreds of hours by automatically collecting brand infringement evidence and quickly removing fraud and phishing sites.

Bolster Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include account takeover protection that will detect account takeover attempts and lock potentially affected accounts. Bolster can also protect your brand from typosquatting methods that mimic your organization’s brand to lure customers.

Integrations include the use of an API from Bolster that allows you to connect your current business systems to the platform.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Offers tools to identify and respond to threats
  • Enables keyword-based threat tracking
  • AI-based digital risk protection and monitoring
  • Limited customization options
  • Lack of technical support

11. GrowByData - Best for MAP monitoring

growbydata brand protection software screenshot
Enable teams to comprehend intelligence results via the user-friendly dashboard.

GrowByData offers several solutions to help brands through MAP policy compliance and protect them from bad actors.

Why I picked GrowByData: I decided to add GrowByData to this list because it uses built-in MAP monitoring capabilities that facilitate cross-channel coverage. The platform can track and enforce MAP violations across multiple time zones, search engines, regions, and marketplaces. Afterward, GrowByData will help you identify retailers selling your products and monitor their advertised prices several times daily.

GrowByData Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include trademark violation tracking tools to identify infringing dealers, partners, affiliates, and competitors. GrowByData also provides powerful reports and alerts that enable teams to act appropriately on violations that affect your brand and revenue.

Integrations include connections with third-party applications and online marketplaces such as Amazon, Amazon Advertising, Bing, Google, Google Shopping, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Walmart.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Provides extensive insights
  • Ensures significant product compliance
  • Tracks unauthorized channels
  • Doesn’t offer many standard brand protection tools
  • No transparent pricing details

12. Mimecast - Best brand protection toolset

mimecast brand protection software screenshot
Access reporting metrics regarding email threats, including how many emails the platform processed.

Mimecast offers a range of brand protection tools that enable businesses to safeguard their company and customers. The platform's tools enable organizations to act quickly on brand impersonation attempts.

Why I picked Mimecast: The platform’s brand exploit protection tools enable your business to act on brand threats with its innovative toolset. Mimecast’s tools include email security, DMARC analyzer, web security, awareness training, and information protection capabilities. These technologies work together to offer a coordinated and comprehensive brand protection platform.

Mimecast Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include data governance, risk, and compliance capabilities that manage your data in compliance with industry and government regulations. Mimecast also provides email strategy resilience tools to help prevent attacks, minimizing disruptions in the workplace.

Integrations include connections with tools such as Cusiv, JupiterOne, LogRhythm UEBA, Securonix NDR, Securonix Security Operations and Analytics, Splunk Light, Teamstack, and The Thrive Platform.

Pricing: Pricing upon request.
Free Trial: Free demo available.

  • Quick video tutorials
  • Intuitive platform
  • Excellent customer support
  • Some spam emails do get through
  • Limited log and mail retention period

Other Options

During my research to create this article, I discovered that there is a significant number of options available, and not adding a complete list of choices won’t be beneficial to you. So I wanted to list more options available that I believe are worth consideration.

  1.  Cyberint - Best for prioritizing digital risks.
  2. Constella Intelligence - Best breach data collection.
  3. BrandVerity - Best for increasing consumer trust.
  4. Wiser MAP Monitoring - Best for monitoring reseller compliance.
  5. Prisync - Best for small-to-medium businesses.
  6. Price2Spy - Best for MAP violation alerts.
  7. TrackStreet - Best for securing unique brand identities.
  8. Continux - Best for strategic property rights management.
  9. SemanticForce - Best omnichannel media monitoring tool.
  10. Acviss - Best for creating unique, non-clonable product identities.
  11. PIXMO - Best for protecting digital assets.

Selection Criteria For Brand Protection Software

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best brand protection software for this article:

Key Features

When selecting the options on this list, I considered the following features. They will help ensure your brand’s integrity and safeguard it from threats.

  • Web and Social Media Monitoring: Brand protection solutions monitor relevant feeds, channels, and resources to discover brand abuse; web monitoring helps detect impersonation and misuse of your brand, empowering you to better gauge audience sentiment and respond to inquiries.
  • Domain Registration Monitoring and Takedown: To discover possible cybersquatting, phishing, or counterfeit shops, brand protection tools scan domain registrations, enabling you to enforce domain name rights to protect your business from impersonation.
  • Product Counterfeiting Detection: Fake products can harm your brand’s reputation and sales revenue when the counterfeit item fails to perform like genuine ones; artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms help image recognition tools discover counterfeit products on ecommerce sites, analyze product listings, seller profiles, and other relevant data to identify counterfeit products.
  • Digital Rights Management: This is one of the earliest types of brand protection technologies suited for protecting digital products from unofficial sales and applying licensing terms.
  • Copyright Protection: Your business can use copyright protection to safeguard your intellectual property by establishing an automated copyright enforcement system to quickly identify infringements, allowing you to take swift action against violators.
  • Reputation Management: Brand protection software with reputation management capabilities monitors customer reviews and public sentiment about your company or product, allowing you to quickly address concerns and refine marketing strategies to ensure your brand’s appeal increases among your target audience over time.


When creating this article, I wanted to ensure that I added as many options as possible that are easy for your teams to use. Brand protection software should have high usability, so your teams don’t require much training, regardless of their technical expertise. If a situation arises where you need help with the platform, the vendor should offer an expert support team for you to contact so they can assist you.

Software Integrations

Many brand protection tools are standalone products that provide threat-safeguarding tools for businesses. However, some do integrate with various organizational tools to enhance effectiveness, whereas others offer an API that allows users to create custom connections with their toolsets. If a platform does offer software integrations, I look for options that integrate with other systems, such as asset management, intellectual property enforcement and tracking, domain name system monitoring, auditing, content sharing, and other critical business applications.


Good brand protection solutions will prioritize and handle the most damaging infringements first and provide your business with data and insights regarding the most critical breaches. I ensure to add platforms that arm your business with this data, allowing you to see the most impactful scams that affect your reputation and revenue. Focusing on these threats first leaves relatively trivial matters last can make a significant difference in making brand protection strategies more efficient.


Understanding the scale of the infringements is crucial, including whether there’s only one incident or piracy over a few sites or more. So I looked for scalable solutions according to various infringement types and sizes. Many of the above options can audit and assess your brand’s current risk and offer reasonable solutions.

People Also Ask

For some people, brand protection can be a complicated topic, and you might have questions about these tools. To help, I added some of the most frequently asked questions other people have when searching for brand protection solutions.

Other Brand Protection Software Reviews

The brand protection software options I evaluated in this article cover a broad range of fraudulent actions that can happen to your business. You can look at the following software reviews if you need tools that perform more specific brand protection functions.

The Takeaway 

Brand protection software is a crucial tool for businesses in today’s internet-connected generation and is quickly becoming a necessity. Using any of the platforms in this article will protect your brand from online threats, including online scams and reputation damage. Taking early precautions and implementing brand protection tools for your business is critical, and the best solutions will fit your specific needs. 

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By Stephanie Hood

Stephanie Hood is an experienced marketing professional and Editor of The CMO. With nearly a decade spent as Marketing Manager at Discover Holidays and Executive Editor at VIVA Lifestyle & Travel, she built her career leading editorial and marketing teams and strategies that turn six-figure budgets into seven-figure profits. She now enjoys connecting with the world's top executives to learn their secrets to business success, and shares those insights right here with her community of like-minded professionals. Curious what she’s uncovered? Be sure to sign up for The CMO newsletter.

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