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10 Best Content Marketing Platforms In 2023

The Best Online Content Marketing List

Here’s a shortlist of the top marketing platforms:

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best content marketing platforms and other online marketing platforms.

Marketing is tough. Between “going viral”, navigating influencers, and simply promoting your content, there’s a lot going on. The digital landscape is always changing and marketers suddenly need to become “experts” on so many different platforms and best practices. Luckily, there is software meant specifically to help lessen that burden. The below content marketing tools comparison is meant to help you figure out which is right for you.

In this post, I’ll provide a list of content marketing platforms that you can use for building your social media and search engine ranking material. I will also give brief summaries of the marketing management software so that you know what you are in for if you decide to buy it.

Content Marketing Tool Comparison Criteria

Here’s what I look for when I select content marketing systems for review.

  1. User Interface: Content marketing is fast-paced, so I want software with a clean interface where all the useful features are within reach. 
  2. Usability: Content marketing teams have members from different backgrounds, so I look for software that anyone can easily master. 
  3. Integrations: We work with other software like CRM, payroll, and auditing, so I look for software that works great with other business tools. 
  4. Value for Pricing: We want to increase our revenues without exceeding our budget, so I am looking for software with many useful features but reasonable pricing.

Key Features

  1. Content marketing automation: Automates the creation of content materials using AI. 
  2. Idea generation: Tool for generating content ideas. 
  3. Asset storage or generation: A hub for storing documents, images, videos, and content ideas. 
  4. Editing suggestions: Suggestions to make copies tighter and more appealing to the target audience. 
  5. Graphics creation: Helps you create graphics like images and videos to make your content more engaging. 
  6. Multi-platform distribution: A tool to make your content suitable for publication on different platforms like blogs, landing pages, and social media accounts. 
  7. Influencer targeting: A marketing strategy that leverages influencers to reach more customers. 
  8. PR research/outreach: Research that studies the communications relationship between companies and customers. 
  9. SEO/keyword help: Tool to identify keywords to help a content rank higher in search engines. 
  10. Competitor analysis: Tool for gauging how competitors are doing and duplicating their best practices.

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Overviews Of The Best Marketing Platforms

Here’s a brief description of each of the content platforms that are featured on this top 10 list.

The Best Content Marketing Platforms Summary

Tool Free Option Price

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What Is A Content Marketing Platform?

Content marketing platforms (CMPs) are digital tools that help creators generate awareness and interest, sales leads, and ultimately revenue from their online content. There are vast numbers of CMPs to choose from with software focusing on writing, graphics, paid promotion, partner promotion, keywords and SEO, content distribution platforms, and more.

Prices of CMP vary depending on whether you are looking at a publishing tool, advertising dollars spent, partner/influencer deals, and so on. The length and complexity of the content may also change what you pay. For example, content optimization may cost around $75-$200 per item. Distribution and promotion may cost $75-150/hour. And your advertising budget will cost however much you are willing to spend.

Other Content Marketing Tools

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list. If your content marketing agency needs additional suggestions for digital marketing platforms, check these out.

A few more content marketing platforms

Looking for a different digital content platform? Here are a few more options. Think of them as runners up. They’re great, even if not top 10, and they might be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Skyword - Create, distribute, and measure quality content.
  2. GrowthHackers Workflow - Plan, manage, collaborate, publish content.
  3. Uberfip - Create personalized content destinations.
  4. Bynder - Digital marketing asset management.
  5. Cronycle - Discover, curate, and collaborate on producing content.

Discover what to write about

These tools help pinpoint what is trending and how you can capitalize on popular events, keywords, names, and other happenings. Be in the loop—and then talk about it.

  1. UContent  - Helps distribute relevant third-party content.
  2. BuzzSumo  - Marketing AI to identify relevant influencers.
  3. Percolate - Systemize the marketing supply chain to create faster.
  4. SEMrush  - An expert in SEO tools for your content.
  5. Ahrefs - Learn how to emulate competitors who rank high.

Plan your stories

Even the top content marketing platforms can’t help you if you are all out of ideas. Sometimes we just need a brainstorming session or a writing prompt to get us started. These tools will help.

  1. Portent’s Idea Generator - Enter a subject and get a snappy 4-part headline.
  2. Airtable - A spreadsheet-database for planning content.
  3. StoryChief - A collaboration tool for SEO blogs and social posts.
  4. - A full project marketing suite for content creation.

Write your content

This content software is focused on taking your ideas and polishing them so that they are the best that they can be. Grammar, business, tone—no problem!

  1. - Plugin RSS feeds from content sites all over the web.
  2. Hemingway - Tighten up your writing with removal suggestions.
  3. Content Snare - Content workshops, video series, templates, and more.
  4. GatherContent - Unify content creation, workflow, and collaboration.
  5. ContentSnare - Collect content and files without email.
  6. Grammarly - Correct grammar, spelling, and readability with AI suggestions.
  7. Curata - Discover, curate, and share relevant content.
  8. Scoop - Research and publish the best content.
  9. Rockcontent - Solutions, talent network, and creative services.

Promote your content

Content won’t help you if nobody sees it. That’s why tools like these that specialize in promotion, sharing, and advertising are an important cog in your marketing machine.

  1. AgoraPulse - Schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers.
  2. CoSchedule - A family of Agile marketing products.
  3. HootSuite - Find, schedule, manage, and report on social media content.
  4. SocialBee - Automate your social media posting and find your best evergreen content.
  5. Later - Visually plan, schedule, and analyze posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  6. Sprout Social - Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data.
  7. Falcon - Create paid and organic posts for all your social networks.
  8. Loomly - Provides you with optimization tips when you create your posts.
  9. Zoho Social - Schedule unlimited posts and create custom reports.
  10. Autopilot - -Marketing automation software made visual.
  11. Freshmarketer - Nurture your customer relationships with email marketing.
  12. Outbrain - Manage and monetize content by personalizing the editorial experience.

Outreach to get others to promote your content

Marketers: You’re not in this alone! There are other teams and individuals who would happily share or swap content to amplify your brand and theirs. These tools will help you network.

  1. ShareIt - Search and share the latest articles on any topic.
  2. Social Animal - Find and analyze top-performing content for any topic or competitor.
  3. NinjaOutreach - Filter through millions of influencers' insights for the right fit.
  4. Lemlist - Ready to use cold email templates with drag-and-drop.
  5. Pitchbox - Influencer outreach and content marketing platform.
  6. JustReachOut - Find the most relevant journalists and press opportunities.
  7. Muck Rack - Easily search for journalists and monitor news.
  8. One Pitch - Easy-to-use pitch templates for verified media contacts.
  9. Prowly - Find relevant journalists, tailored to your industry and location.
  10. Buzzstream - Research influencers, manage relationships, and conduct outreach.

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Analytics to see how your content is performing

You’ve created, posted, shared, promoted your content. But how do you know if all of your efforts were successful? These analytics apps will help track traffic and revenue.

  1. YouScan - Analyze texts and visuals on social media.
  2. PathFactory - Create micro-personalized content journeys.
  3. Crazyegg - Improve what's working, fix what isn't, and test new ideas.
  4. Hotjar - Heatmaps, records, and conversion funnels.
  5. VWO - Discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement.
  6. Serpworx - Over 31 SEO metrics with minimal menuing.

What Do You Think About The Above Digital Marketing Software?

Have you tried out any content platforms listed above? Are there any content publishing platforms that you think we are missing from this list?

Do you use any automated content creation tools, or are you still working all hands-on? Are you looking for more comprehensive solutions? Check our list out of the 10 Best PIM Software For Product Information Management In 2022.

Let me know in the comment section.

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