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Drawing from my extensive experience with editorial and marketing calendars, I'm here to provide an in-depth review of CoSchedule. My aim is to present a clear and concise overview, covering all the essential aspects you need to know about this software. This CoSchedule review will help you understand whether CoSchedule fits your specific needs, focusing on its features, usability, and overall effectiveness in managing editorial and marketing tasks.

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CoSchedule Calendars, the all-in-one AI marketing tool, keeps your content and social media marketing organized and centralized.

CoSchedule Product Overview

CoSchedule is a marketing planning tool that streamlines editorial workflows and social media scheduling on a digital, AI-powered calendar. It's primarily used by marketers, bloggers, and content creators. This tool offers the benefit of centralized organization for all marketing activities, social sharing, and simplifying campaign planning and execution.

CoSchedule addresses pain points such as disjointed content schedules, unorganized social media posting, and fragmented team communication. Its standout features include an integrated marketing calendar, social media scheduling, and content organizer.


  • Integrated Calendar: CoSchedule features a unified calendar that consolidates all marketing tasks and schedules in one place, providing clarity and efficiency in planning.
  • Social Scheduling: It has built-in social media management tools, allowing users to schedule posts across various platforms from a single dashboard.
  • Content Organization: The work organizer enhances content workflow, making it easy to plan, create, and publish content systematically.


  • Advanced Analytics: CoSchedule's marketing analytics tools are less robust compared to some alternatives, providing fewer insights into content performance.
  • Customization Limits: The platform has limitations in customization, offering fewer options to tailor the interface to specific workflow needs.
  • Integration Diversity: While it offers key integrations, the range is narrower than some competitors, potentially limiting functionality for certain users.

Expert Opinion

As an experienced user of editorial and marketing calendars, I find CoSchedule to be a solid tool, especially for small to medium-sized marketing teams. It shines in its ability to centralize various aspects of marketing into one platform. However, it may not fully meet the needs of larger organizations that require more in-depth analytics and a wider range of integrations.

CoSchedule is particularly effective for content creators and marketers who need a streamlined, user-friendly tool for managing multiple aspects of their marketing calendar, but it might fall short for those seeking highly specialized or advanced features.

CoSchedule Review: The Bottom Line

CoSchedule sets itself apart with its integrated approach to managing marketing calendars and social media. Unlike many other tools, it offers a comprehensive view of all marketing activities, simplifying planning and execution. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and effective content organization system make it particularly good for small to medium-sized teams.

The platform's ability to integrate various marketing tasks into a cohesive calendar makes it a standout choice for those needing a straightforward, efficient way to manage their social media campaigns and leverage marketing automtation systems to take care of administrative burdens.

CoSchedule Deep Dive

Explore the intricacies of CoSchedule, dissecting the features of CoSchedule, integrations, plugins, pricing, and more to provide a thorough understanding of its capabilities in the editorial and social media marketing calendar arena.

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A marketing calendar is an essential tool that consolidates and organizes all your marketing activities in one place, acting as a comprehensive roadmap for your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Product Specifications

  1. Editorial Calendar - Yes
  2. Social Media Scheduling - Yes
  3. Content Creation and Management - Yes
  4. SEO Optimization Tools - Yes
  5. Task Assignment and Workflow Management - Yes
  6. Email Marketing Integration - Yes
  7. Analytics and Reporting - Yes
  8. Customizable Dashboard - Yes
  9. Multi-user Collaboration - Yes
  10. Project Management Tools - Yes
  11. Automated Publishing - Yes
  12. Mobile App - No
  13. Integration with CMS Platforms - Yes
  14. Budget Management - No
  15. File Storage and Sharing - Yes
  16. Real-time Notifications - Yes
  17. Performance Tracking - Yes
  18. Custom Branding - No
  19. API Access - Yes
  20. Third-party App Integrations - Yes
  21. Customer Segmentation - No
  22. Multi-channel Marketing - Yes
  23. Campaign Planning - Yes
  24. Digital Asset Management - No
  25. ROI Tracking - No

Feature Overview

  1. Editorial Calendar: Centralizes all content planning in one view, making it easier to organize and track.
  2. Social Media Scheduling: Streamlines the process of scheduling posts across various platforms.
  3. Content Creation and Management: Allows for efficient management of all content-related tasks and deadlines.
  4. SEO Optimization Tools: Helps in enhancing online visibility and improving search rankings.
  5. Task Assignment and Workflow Management: Facilitates team collaboration and ensures smooth workflow management.
  6. Email Marketing Integration: Integrates with email platforms to align email marketing campaigns with other content and marketing strategies.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: Offers insights into content performance and audience engagement.
  8. Customizable Dashboard: Users can tailor the marketing dashboards and use templates to fit their specific needs, improving efficiency.
  9. Project Management Tools: Helps in managing various marketing projects efficiently.
  10. Automated Publishing: Saves time by allowing users to schedule and automate content publication.

Standout Functionality

  1. Integrated Workflow Management: CoSchedule uniquely combines project management tools with marketing and editorial functions.
  2. Comprehensive Content Hub: Stands out as a central hub for managing all aspects of content creation, scheduling, and publishing.
  3. Unified Marketing Calendar: The integration of various marketing channels into a single calendar view is a distinctive feature.


CoSchedule integrates with tools like WordPress, Google Docs, and popular social media platforms, even LinkedIn. This allows for seamless content creation and distribution. The API enables custom integrations, expanding its functionality. Additionally, there are add-ons for advanced analytics and improved SEO capabilities.


  • Free Calendar: For individuals that needs basic functions
  • Social Calendar: $19/user/month - Ideal for individuals or small teams, offering core calendar functions.
  • Content Calendar: Pricing upon request - Suited for larger teams needing advanced features like analytics.
  • Marketing Suite: Pricing upon request - Tailored for large organizations with complex needs, offering full feature access and customization.

Ease of Use

CoSchedule offers a straightforward user interface, but navigating through its wide range of features can initially be overwhelming for new users. The tool requires some learning to fully utilize its capabilities.

Customer Support

CoSchedule provides solid customer support with various channels like live chat and email. However, some users might find the response times slower during peak hours, which can be a point of frustration.

CoSchedule Use Case

Who would be a good fit for CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is ideal for medium-sized businesses and marketing teams with team members who require an all-in-one platform for managing their editorial and marketing activities. It's particularly favored by content creators and marketers who value streamlined project management.

Who would be a bad fit for CoSchedule?

Larger corporations or businesses with very specific, advanced content marketing needs might find CoSchedule limiting, especially in terms of customization and advanced analytics.

CoSchedule FAQs

Can CoSchedule integrate with my current content management system?

Yes, CoSchedule offers integration with several CMS platforms.

Is CoSchedule suitable for large marketing teams?

CoSchedule is ideal for medium-sized teams, but may have limitations for very large teams.

Can CoSchedule integrate with my current content management system?

Yes, CoSchedule offers integration with several CMS platforms.

Does CoSchedule offer mobile app support?

No, currently, CoSchedule does not have a mobile app.

Can I track the performance of my content with CoSchedule?

Yes, CoSchedule provides analytics and reporting tools for tracking content performance.

Is it possible to manage multiple social media accounts with CoSchedule?

Yes, CoSchedule allows you to manage and schedule posts for multiple social media accounts.

How does CoSchedule handle task assignments and workflows?

CoSchedule includes task assignment and workflow management features, enabling team collaboration and efficient project tracking.

Does CoSchedule offer SEO optimization tools?

Yes, CoSchedule includes SEO optimization tools to enhance online content visibility.

Are there any training resources available for new CoSchedule users?

Yes, CoSchedule offers various resources like documentation, webinars, and tutorials for user training and support.

Alternatives to CoSchedule

  • Asana: Better for teams looking for more robust project management features.
  • Trello: A good alternative for those seeking a more straightforward, kanban-style task management.
  • Hootsuite: Ideal for businesses focused more intensely on social media management.

CoSchedule Company Overview & History

CoSchedule is a software company specializing in marketing tools and solutions. It's used by a variety of businesses, particularly in the marketing sector. CoSchedule is privately owned, and headquartered in North Dakota, USA. The company's mission is to help marketers stay organized. Since its founding, CoSchedule has evolved, adding features like social media scheduling and analytics to its platform.


CoSchedule works as a comprehensive solution for medium-sized businesses and marketing teams, offering an array of features for editorial and marketing calendar management. While it excels in centralizing various marketing tasks, larger teams or those with highly specialized needs might find it less suitable. I encourage potential users to explore CoSchedule and welcome them to share their experiences and feedback in the comments.

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