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Career growth is a constant pursuit in every field, and marketing is certainly no exception. Whether your goal is to become the next big CMO or to run your own marketing agency, you’re likely to take classes, listen to marketing podcasts, attend marketing webinars, and learn from feedback given by managers. Still, there’s nothing like the transformative power of mentorship.

In this article, I shine a spotlight on 10 marketing experts who’ve taken to sharing their fresh perspectives via mentorship. And this is more than a personal connection; it's a strategic investment. According to a report by The Human Edge, marketers who receive guidance from an experienced mentor increase their annual revenue by an average of 83%, whereas entrepreneurs who don’t have mentors increase their annual revenue by an average of 16%.

Additionally, 75% of leaders say mentoring has been critical to their career development, according to a survey by the American Society for Training and Development. Don’t leave money or potential success on the table. 

Marketing Strategy Mentors

Chin Wu | Marketing Director, Lenovo

With two decades of experience in brand marketing, strategic planning, and integrated campaigns, Chin Wu is a leader in consumer electronics marketing. For nearly 10 years, she has excelled in transforming unknown brands into category leaders. As the head of gaming marketing, she propelled HP's OMEN brand from inception in 2016 to a billion-dollar business, securing its position as the #3 top-of-mind choice in the PC category.

Chin is known for her innovation, speed, and successful brand partnerships, earning multiple brand activation awards. As a people manager, she instills ambition and purpose, fostering collaborative team cultures. Her expertise extends to building marketing teams and social channels from scratch, backed by a deep understanding of evolving gaming audiences and market dynamics.

Sofia Holden | Marketing Director, Nike

Sofia, hailing from Mexico City and a former professional tennis player, has cultivated a global perspective by residing in seven different cities and mastering three languages: Spanish, English, and German. With over 15 years of marketing experience at industry giants such as Nike, Mars, PepsiCo, and Bayer, Sofia possesses expertise in business strategy, omnichannel marketing, consumer insights, public speaking, change management & talent development.

As a leader, Sofia champions themes of equality and empowerment through sport, reflected in significant brand communications. An inclusive and authentically human leader, she excels in assembling diverse, multi-cultural teams, uniting them around a shared mission, and encouraging creative risks. Her impactful journey reflects not only her professional prowess but also her commitment to fostering positive change through marketing and leadership. 

Sofia is a great mentor who shows genuine care and interest in setting you up for success, by sharing feedback, advice and support!


Growth Marketing Mentors

Juni Ty | Growth Marketing Head of Wealth Management, GCash

Juni Ty, the Growth Marketing Head of Wealth Management at GCash, is a dynamic professional shaping the strategic landscape of GCash. Formerly the Brand Manager for Mega Campaigns and Value Features at Lazada and with prior experience as a Brand Manager at Nestle, Juni boasts over 9 years in Sales and Marketing.

Beyond Juni’s corporate role, he dedicates time as a mentor at ADPList and volunteers as a guest lecturer for Marketing, eCommerce, and Category / Channel Management, contributing insights to his colleagues in academia. He’s super passionate about strategies that inspire teams, which mirrors his Top Clifton Strengths (Developer, Ideation, Restorative, Woo, and Positivity)!

I had an excellent time speaking with Juni. He was friendly (and surprisingly interested in my personal growth and interests) which helped ease the tension. I could tell that he genuinely has a passion for mentoring

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Ekaterina Vinokurova | Global Digital Lifecycle Marketing, Uber

With over seven years of versatile multi channel expertise spanning B2C and B2B domains, Ekaterina Vinokurova has a proven track record of orchestrating impactful campaigns that elevate user activation, engagement, and retention while driving significant business growth and revenue. Having successfully led global and regional projects for renowned brands like adidas, Reebok, and Uber, her core competencies include marketing CRM software, email marketing, push notifications, content personalization, loyalty, and membership. 

As an enthusiastic senior digital marketing professional, Ekaterina’s journey has encompassed both B2B and B2C domains, focusing on CRM, Membership, and Paid Search marketing. Having navigated through start-ups and large matrixed organizations, she is looking to share her insights in areas such as marketing career advice, interview techniques, navigating cross-cultural environments, and effective stakeholder management.

Digital Marketing Mentors

Nan Oo | Digital Marketing Head, NO 

With rich experience spanning seven years, Nan Oo has collaborated with diverse professionals from Marketing Managers to CEOs as a Digital Marketer, helping businesses grow through impactful strategies. His philosophy revolves around the belief that it's not just about what you sell but how you approach marketing. Nan emphasizes meaningful storytelling, integrated content distribution, and reducing frictions in the buying journey.

Nan’s full-stack Marketing skills have been honed in the driving seat of a Marketing Technology Firm, where he’s had the privilege of strategizing, redefining, planning, and transforming marketing activities for clients. Specializing in Inbound Marketing techniques and utilizing HubSpot CRM, he focuses on reducing friction between Sales & Marketing teams and analyzing productivity, effectiveness, and ROI.

I had an absolutely incredible experience during my mentoring session! Nan was knowledgeable, patient and understanding and gave me excellent advice and guidance.


Ana Latini | Digital Marketing Strategist, Google

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and creative industries, Ana Latini is a dedicated marketing and project management mentor passionate about unlocking individuals' full potential. Specializing in mid-career marketers, she helps guide them through transitioning into project management and advancing their digital marketing careers. 

For senior professionals and founders seeking productivity, Ana’s expertise spans innovation, creativity, project management, vendor management, operations, digital marketing strategy, coaching, people management, and leadership. Committed to long-term mentorship for lasting changes, she strives to build trust with mentees and build a foundation for growth and success.

I had a wonderful mentoring session with Ana! She's very knowledgeable about digital project management and strategy and is so encouraging and inspiring. I felt like Ana really cared about helping me with my career goals and answering my questions.


Content Marketing Mentors 

Christin Gilbert | Digital Creative Team Lead, Eminence Organic Skin Care

Christin, based in Vancouver, BC, is a visual designer and content producer with over 10 years of experience in commercial photography and visual design. Currently leading visual content production at Eminence Organic Skin Care and serving as an artist partner at Farmboy Fine Arts, she mixes an educational background in Clinical Psychology and Consumer Behavior with skills in creative leadership, project management, and content marketing.

With a passion for making content accessible, Christin is dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and diverse communities. The love for visually engaging, data-driven stories drives her to bring translucency to content chaos. Throughout her career, Christin has connected with kind individuals who shared their knowledge, so she’s excited to also give back in a mentoring role.

Christin gives insightful, encouraging and actionable feedback, and has a wealth of experience to draw from in her area of expertise and beyond. Did I mention she's a wonderful person too? Highly recommend!!


Myke Metzger | CEO, Stoqd

Myke Metzger is an author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. With a following of over 250,000 and a staggering 20 million views on his content, Myke has become a figure in the digital realm. His expertise extends to branding, marketing, and content creation, and he has assisted numerous influencers and creators in elevating their online presence.

A member of the Forbes Business Council, Myke is successful as a digital marketing and branding consultant. His client portfolio includes names such as Cash App, Trendy Butler, Found, Dairy Queen, and more! Whether you're seeking to build your personal brand, grow your audience, or create compelling content, he can guide you towards success.

Myke is awesome, great to work with, he gives genuine advice and he's great to talk to, he is around a super nice guy and responds fast too. I 100% recommend him, meeting him has changed my life and having him by my side is always helpful.


Social Media Marketing Mentors

Erifili is the Founder and CEO of The Z Link, the first Gen Z-led social media agency, recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020. Also the Head of Social Media at SafetyWing, Erifili started The Z Link aged 20 as a solo founder, and now has a team of 20+ that work with Deloitte, Hearst, and the United Nations.

Based in London and passionate about empowering young entrepreneurs and unlocking opportunities through personal branding, Erifili offers mentoring to advise on entrepreneurship and social media. She created The Z Link to bridge the gap between brands and Gen Z, emphasizing authenticity and community. She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, NBC News, and more.

Aaron Drotts | Digital Marketing Specialist, Intertek

Aaron Drott is a seasoned digital marketing professional who excels in SEO and email marketing with a focus on empowering enterprises through a robust online presence. As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Intertek Alchemy and a freelance marketer at MarketerHire, Aaron combines academic knowledge in International Relations and Marketing with plenty of hands-on experience.

Managing PPC campaigns and SEO at Intertek Alchemy, Aaron leverages expertise in integrated digital marketing campaigns and influencer collaboration to achieve brand recognition. A finalist for the Global Search Awards 2023 and the US Search Awards 2023, Aaron's dedication to staying ahead in industry trends and practices is clear!

Aaron has been great to work with. He has helped me improve my knowledge of Google tools and assisted in formulating an effective marketing plan for our company. His support extends beyond scheduled meetings and is dedicated to help his mentees succeed. I highly recommend him to those looking to improve their overall marketing skills.


The Benefits Of Mentorship

Considering mentorship? Here are a few of the benefits you can obtain:

  • Mentors are well connected within their field and can make introductions for you which could open doors that may not have otherwise opened.
  • They are often detached from your everyday work, so one of the best things a mentor can bring to the table is an objective opinion, emotions aside.
  • Mentors have experiences that you can learn from to prevent you making the same mistakes and can inspire you through their own success stories.
  • They motivate you to achieve and exceed personal and professional development goals (and provide constructive criticism along the way).

Mentors guide you through difficult decisions and provide a second opinion when you need one. A good mentor won’t necessarily give you the answer, but will talk you through your options to help you get to the right answer yourself.

Tips for Finding A Marketing Mentor

If I have you convinced, here are additional tips for finding the right mentor:

Networking Events:

Attend marketing conferences, workshops, and networking events to connect with seasoned professionals in the field. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities to identify potential mentors who have a wealth of experience and insights to share.

Online Platforms:

Utilize professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to identify and connect with marketing professionals. Join relevant groups and participate in discussions to build relationships. Many experienced marketers are open to mentoring and sharing their knowledge with aspiring individuals.

Industry Associations:

Explore industry-specific associations and organizations related to marketing. These groups often organize mentorship programs or can connect you with experienced mentors who are willing to guide emerging talents in the field.

Mentorship Programs:

Investigate formal mentorship programs offered by educational institutions, marketing associations, or professional organizations. These programs are designed to pair mentees with experienced mentors, fostering structured learning and development.

Cold Outreach:

Don't hesitate to reach out directly to professionals you admire. Craft personalized and respectful messages expressing your interest in learning from their experiences. Many successful marketers appreciate the initiative and may be open to informal mentoring relationships.

Get All The Expertise

Where will you go next to find a marketing leader for your mentor? Will they be a Vice President in your company in an adjacent department? Maybe you head to an entrepreneurship focused networking event and try the IRL approach?

You could also reach out via LinkedIn to a marketing co-founder at a small business you admire. Depending on what pricing is in your budget, you can always go through a website like the ones that that I’ve shared here!

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Melissa Glazar
By Melissa Glazar

Melissa specializes in growth marketing and digital marketing. With experience at small to medium sized companies, she has driven social media growth, optimized a sales funnel to work with overall company marketing efforts, and seen enough KPIs to make your head spin. She’s excited to bring her knowledge to you, and knows you’ll find it valuable!