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In my career, I quickly learned that one of my most important assets was my curiosity. As a digital marketer, it’s essential to keep my finger on the pulse of marketing trends, and attending webinars is one of the best ways to do that.

Webinars are an excellent avenue to source tips and tricks from the industry’s best without having to leave the comfort of home. To save you the research, we’ve rounded up some of the webinars we’re most excited for in 2024, so you can be sure to save your spot and jump-start your career in the new year.

Digital Marketing Webinars

Image for the 2024 Trends in Digital Marketing webinar
Image for the 2024 Trends in Digital Marketing webinar by Digital Marketing Institute

Available On-Demand | FREE

Want to know what’s on the horizon for digital marketing in 2024? This free webinar features industry experts covering all aspects of the digital marketing landscape, from how to employ a data-driven marketing strategy to AI assistance with Google Ads. Whether you’re planning on executing a digital transformation across your enterprise organization or want to learn how to help your small business stand out, this webinar is a great place to start.

Apply Generative AI for New Competitive Advantages

February 23 2024 | 10:00 AM EST | FREE

Rather than focusing on policing the use of AI in your organization, this free webinar produced by Gartner takes a deep dive into the latest AI technology to improve business operations of all kinds, giving you a competitive edge regardless of the industry you’re in.

Mastering Human Storytelling for Brands with Intel

January 25 2024 | 1:00 PM EST | FREE

Learn how brands forge an authentic connection with their audience through the use of narrative, using human experiences, values, and aspirations and applying them to marketing messaging to appeal to the emotional aspect of consumer behaviour and foster brand loyalty.

Marketing Strategy Webinars

Image for the Building Partner Pipeline webinar hosted by TechTarget
Image for the Building Partner Pipeline webinar hosted by TechTarget

Gartner 2024 Marketing Predictions: Build Consumer Trust, and Exploit GenAI

Available On-Demand | FREE

In this webinar, a panel of Gartner marketing experts considers what the future holds for marketing in 2024 and beyond. Discover how marketing leaders can navigate the delicate equilibrium between advancing technology and upholding consumer trust, underscoring the importance of agility and self-awareness in this rapidly evolving field. 

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Building Partner Pipeline: How to Drive Demand With & Through Partners

January 24 2024 | 12:00 PM BST | FREE

Effective partner marketing is key to success, especially in the B2B world. Partner and B2B influencer marketing visionaries sit down to discuss how to improve lead generation and the right follow-up strategy service providers can use to build mutually beneficial partnerships.


  • Angela Motiani (Head of Partner Demand Generation at Klaviyo)
  • Kristina Onyon (Director of Partner Marketing at Cloudflare)
  • Rachna Gupta (VP of Marketing at HashiCorp)

Impactful Storytelling: Craft a Business Value and Human Value Story to Increase Influence

February 13 2024 | 10:00 AM EST | FREE

Storytelling in B2B marketing is the key to furthering your connection with your audience. This webinar will be hosted by Gartner’s Research Vice President and Distinguished Advisor, Bruce Robertson, who will discuss the business value of great storytelling and provide key techniques and principles to help craft your own narrative that translates to real-world business results.

Content Marketing Webinars

Image for the Grow Your Brand with Short-Form Video Content webinar by Digital Marketing Institute.
Image for the Grow Your Brand with Short-Form Video Content webinar by Digital Marketing Institute.

Grow Your Brand With Short-Form Video Content

January 25 2024 | 3:00 PM BST | FREE

Content creator and social media agency owner Zack O'Rourke explores the benefits of creating video content for brand identity. After this webinar, you’ll understand how to integrate video into your overall marketing plan to optimize your content marketing results and promote business growth.

2024 Content Marketing Predictions (And How to Navigate Them)

February 1 2024 | 1:00 PM EST | FREE

Presented by the Content Marketing Institute, this webinar is perfectly timed to help you plan your 2024 content roadmap. Their lineup of industry experts will discuss the evolving role of technology like ChatGPT in the world of content marketing, all while helping you to better understand the evolving landscape of content marketing and spot content creation opportunities for your business.

Build a Better Webinar: Storytelling & Scripting

January 25 2024 | 12:00 PM EST | FREE

This webinar is presented by BrightTALK’s Steven Madeja, Senior Producer, Creative Accounts, who reviews the essential elements of good storytelling to help inspire marketing teams to forge an emotional connection with their audience. 

Social Media Webinars

Image for the Social Media Management: Accelerate Your Online Presence webinar by SEMrush
Image for the Social Media Management: Accelerate Your Online Presence webinar by SEMrush

Social Media Management: Accelerate your Online Presence

Available On-Demand | FREE

Learn how to optimize your organization’s social media presence with the help of SEMrush’s Social Media Toolkit. Experts from the SEMrush team will share their insights into the top social media growth strategies for 2024 and how to maximize your online presence all while using automation to reduce the tasks on your to-do list.

Available On-Demand | FREE

Presented by Hootsuite, this webinar identifies emerging trends in social media marketing for 2024. Backed by data and insights from industry experts, you’ll explore case studies and learn how to incorporate AI into your social strategy to help you build relationships and maximize your ROI.

Social’s 2023 Year-in-Review & Predictions for 2024

Available On-Demand | FREE

TikTok creator, business commentator, and podcast host Dulma Altan walks attendees through the past year in social media marketing trends and considers what’s ahead for 2024. Along the way, she shares tips and tricks to set yourself apart in the era of social media madness.

SEO Webinars

Image for The SEO Update webinar by Yoast.
Image for The SEO Update webinar by Yoast.

Leverage AI-driven SEO to Increase Traffic, Revenue and Online Reputation

January 25 2024 | 1:00 PM EST | FREE

This webinar offered by Search Engine Land promises to teach you how to improve your search ranking position and your conversion rate by building a 5-star online reputation, leveraging the power of social proof and online reviews. Attendees with e-commerce stores will also receive a free copy of Reputation King, a guide to maximizing your online presence. 

The SEO update by Yoast – January 2024 Edition

January 30 2024 | 10:00 AM EST | FREE

In this 2024 rendition of the ongoing webinar series, Yoast’s Principal SEOs Carolyn Shelby and Alex Moss explore the latest in SEO news and developments and share their predictions for the ever-changing world of SEO and what marketers can expect in 2024. They will also respond to audience questions regarding what metrics to track, SEO optimization, and SEO strategy.

How To Boost 2024 SEO Performance With Pillar Pages & Topic Clusters

Available On-Demand | FREE

This webinar is available at your convenience; tune in to discover the benefits of implementing effective pillar pages and clustered content, enhancing site structure, and on-page SEO, with actionable tips for optimizing internal linking ensuring your content retains its value for years to come.

B2B Marketing Webinars

Image for the Planning Guide 2024 for B2B Marketing Leaders webinar by Forrester.
Image for the Planning Guide 2024 for B2B Marketing Leaders webinar by Forrester.

CMOs, Drive Sales in a Digital-First B2B Buying Journey

Available On-Demand | FREE

Who doesn’t want to improve their digital experience and better understand their buyers’ journey in 2024? Hosted by Gartner, this on-demand webinar promises to help marketing leaders understand B2B buyers’ expectations and develop a customer experience that delivers on all fronts. 

Clarity in B2B Marketing: A Competitive Advantage

Available On-Demand | FREE

Lacey Reichwald, Marketing Manager at Aha Media Group, presents the company’s latest research demonstrating how clear communication as a strategy can help you to effectively communicate your value proposition and compete with your competitors.

Planning Guide 2024 For B2B Marketing Leaders

Available On-Demand | FREE

Heading into 2024, the pressure is on for B2B marketers to maximize the ROI on their marketing spend. Forrester’s analysts teach you how to make the right moves to create growth opportunities for your organization, including the importance of creating a customer-centric digital marketing strategy.

Continued Learning for Marketing Leaders

Hopefully this list of webinars has satisfied some of your curiosity while also helping to give you a leg-up in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

We want to know which of these webinars really spoke to you. Feel free to share the love—and the knowledge—by chatting about it on your social channels, and share this article with anyone you think might need a little inspiration for their marketing campaigns this year.

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By Anya Leibovitch

Anya Leibovitch is a content marketing strategist and writer. She has worked with brands and agencies such as GSoft, Divisional, and The Green Organic Dutchman to create story-led brand content and thought leadership articles.