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Podcasts are now a top channel for B2B content, with 43% of decision makers saying they use them to get business-related content, according to a new study. So, what better way to hone your marketing skills while also seeing what works than listening to the top marketing podcasts? 

Especially today, it’s hard to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. Fortunately, podcasts offer a convenient way to learn from other successful, top marketers and industry experts on the go. The best ones are those that get real, answering questions like, “Are influencers still effective?” “What’s going on in email marketing?” “What are some real case studies behind the shiny new tactics that MarTech vendors are peddling?“ “Why do my ecommerce Facebook ads break?”

In this post, I’ll share a list of hidden gems and the best marketing podcasts that you should listen to wherever you get your podcasts.

Top Digital Marketing Podcasts To Listen To In 2024

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Marketing Powerups

While there are no shortcuts to success, there are “powerups”—just ask the guests of this new podcast. In Marketing Powerups, Host Ramli John, Content Director at Appcues, conducts insightful interviews with top-tier marketers and business owners from companies like Shopify, LinkedIn, and Peersignal, unearthing the best marketing trends, hidden secrets, strategic approaches, and effective frameworks that have led to their remarkable successes. 

Each episode follows a unique format where guests generously share three invaluable components: (1) a game-changing marketing power-up, (2) a compelling real-world illustration of its practical application, and (3) a transformative power-up that has propelled their own professional journey to new heights. 

If you’re interested in trying unique approaches at work and want advice on how to accelerate your career, make sure to listen to Marketing Powerups. Start by checking out the below episode all about taking your B2B podcast strategy to the next level:

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That’s Marketing, Baby

If you work on a marketing team—I’m going to take a stab here—I bet 75% of your team is female. So why, then, are most of the marketing podcasts created by men? That’s what the women and thought leaders behind “That’s Marketing, Baby” were wondering. So, they set out to make a podcast of their own. 

It turns out that when you combine two fierce B2B marketers and “besties” who have the gift of gab, you get amazing insights. Each week, Susan Wenograd and Jess Cook tackle a topic in B2B marketing that’s on their mind, from conversion rate optimization to effective copywriting to social media growth strategies. These weekly episodes clock in at or under 30 minutes and deliver marketing tips that they wish they’d had when they started out in marketing.

Listen to this episode that explains the difference between demand capture and demand gen and how they work together:

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Closing Time: Quick Insights From Sales & Marketing Experts

Always be closing, right? Insightly’s podcast and video series, Closing Time, is a captivating weekly podcast that caters to go-to-market leaders, providing them with insider tips and invaluable insights. Each episode features epic guests from the sales, marketing, or customer success fields, who share actionable tips and tactics to help you elevate your game. In just a 15 minute timeframe, the podcast delves deep into essential skills for closing deals, explores the latest developments in marketing technology, and examines emerging trends aimed at enhancing the customer experience. 

Listen to this episode about how SEO can ensure sustainable growth over time with Mitch Causey from Demandwell:

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Traction Graphic


If you’re a startup marketer or entrepreneur, Traction is required listening. A long-standing podcast by Lloyd Lobo, he has built an entire community for startups and how they gain traction through this podcast as well as the Traction conference. 

This show is fabulous for an in-depth, behind the scenes look at how some of the most successful startups cracked the code to killer growth. Each episode features a CXO or founder of fast-growing companies such as Superhuman, Loom, and Zapier, taking a look at how they think about product, sales, marketing, innovation, fundraising, etc. 

Listen to this episode featuring Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37signals, the creator of Basecamp, all about bootstrapping, sustainable growth, and business agility:

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2 Pizza Marketing

Startup and small business is often like building a rocketship while launching it at the same time. It’s extremely demanding and always changing. You need to do everything but you can’t since have very finite effort and resources. How do you know what to pursue and how to focus when you’ve gotta be scrappy? 

2 Pizza Marketing, by Melissa Moody (Cofounder and CMO at Gated) and Ashley McGovern (Head of Marketing at PostPilot) is an engaging series of discussions featuring marketers who operate within small teams, aiming to achieve success, learn from failures, and maintain their sanity while starting up. The stories shared in each episode are relatable, authentic, and brimming with practical solutions to assist individuals navigating the complexities of marketing in early-stage companies. 

Join them on this enlightening journey through the world of marketing within small teams:

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Everyone Hates Marketers Graphic

Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is a funny, bold, and BS-free show that’s packed with success stories and insights on how to do marketing in an authentic way. True to this mission, you won’t feel like you’re being marketed to in this podcast, whose host, Louis Grenier, grew organically to over 1 million downloads. 

Each episode of this digital marketing podcast features top-tier guests like Seth Godin and focuses on important problems that all ambitious marketers grapple with like how to build a remarkable brand, pricing, how to make B2B less boring, and how to help your company get noticed. Just note, if you’re not a fan of swear words or French accents, this might not be for you!

Check out this episode all about how to create unignorable content:

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Distribution First

Are you getting enough bang for your buck when it comes to content? A lot of teams fall into the trap of spending 80% of their time writing and only 20% of their time on what happens after publishing. In his podcast, Distribution First, Justin Simon wants you to do the opposite. Former content marketer at, he shares all the ways you can distribute and then redistribute your content for maximum reach and efficiency.  

Simon’s podcast stands out because he simply dives into content marketing topics instead of taking the interview format and shares his tips and expertise on each. You can think of each episode as a mini-lesson from a modern marketing school of thought.

Listen to this episode about Justin’s 3 Bucket Distribution Strategy:

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The Revenue-Driven CMO Graphic

The Revenue-Driven CMO

It’s 2024, if your marketing isn’t producing any revenue, you won’t be in marketing for long! So, last but not least on this list of top marketing podcasts is The Revenue-Driven CMO.

The show is hosted by Chris Mechanic, a seasoned growth marketer and co-founder of WebMechanix, a rapidly expanding digital consultancy that produces winning marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and top-tier consulting. Driven by a passion for providing immense value to podcast listeners, Chris embarked on a mission to create a marketing podcast meticulously curated to deliver actionable insights centered around acquisition, drawing upon the expertise of the industry's brightest minds.

If you're responsible for performance marketing, this podcast is an absolute must-listen. Listen to interviews featuring growth leaders that know how to hustle from renowned brands such as Amazon, Poshmark, Motley Fool, ADA, and Gong. Each episode is a treasure trove of cutting-edge ideas and strategies that will revolutionize your approach to marketing. 

Check out this episode all about how revenue goals, storytelling, and the latest tactics for business leaders: 

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Listen and Learn

When you work in marketing, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the grind and your day-to-day responsibilities. With these top marketing podcasts, you can enjoy a moment to take a break, kick off your shoes, and listen to discussions that dare to have fun. Get fresh ideas, thoughts on marketing strategy, and tactics from others in your field. See what works and how things are actually done in practice. 

In case you’re hungry for even more, here are some other notable marketing podcasts:

I hope you enjoy these recommended shows and podcast episodes as much as I have!

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By Kalei White

Kalei White is a content marketer and bunny mom in San Diego. She’s helped global B2B ecommerce companies build authoritative brands and generate demand resulting in massive growth. Today, she runs content at Trovata, an AI-powered fintech platform.