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Navigating the waters of brand management software can be complex, but with the right tools, it becomes manageable. With years of experience in the trenches of brand monitoring, I understand what makes software effective. In this review, I'll unpack Awario, a tool designed to keep a pulse on your brand's presence online. I'll cover its capabilities, nuances, and whether it stands up to the task, giving you the straightforward details you need to decide if it's fit for your brand's needs.

Awario review showing the tool dashboard
Track your brand's pulse across the digital landscape: Awario, your all-seeing eye for real-time and historical mentions on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and beyond, continuously expanding its watch to new platforms.

Awario Product Overview

Awario serves as a real-time brand monitoring tool, scanning various online platforms to track mentions of your brand. It's primarily used by marketers, PR professionals, and small to medium-sized businesses keen on their online reputation management.

The tool benefits users by providing instant alerts on brand mentions, allowing for timely engagement. It tackles the challenge of staying current with brand sentiment across the expansive digital landscape and boasts robust analytics features to quantify your brand's online presence.


  • Real-Time Alerts: Immediate updates mean users never miss a new mention, critical for rapid response and engagement.
  • Powerful Analytics: Insights from Awario translate raw data into actionable intelligence, guiding strategy with precision.
  • Influencer Tracking: Identifies top influencers, enabling targeted outreach for brand promotion or partnerships.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the array of features overwhelming, requiring time to navigate effectively.
  • Advanced Searches: While comprehensive, setting up complex search queries can be daunting for new users.
  • Limited Historical Data: Compared to some competitors, access to past data may be more restricted, affecting trend analysis.

Expert Opinion

From my seasoned viewpoint, Awario offers a robust set of features that cater well to small and medium-sized enterprises aiming for meticulous brand monitoring. While it shines with real-time tracking and influencer identification, it may fall short for those who need extensive historical data analysis. It stands out in the immediacy of its reporting, making it ideal for businesses that prioritize agility in their public relations and marketing efforts.

Awario Review: The Bottom Line

Awario distinguishes itself with real-time monitoring and comprehensive brand protection tools that other solutions might not match. Its ability to pinpoint and engage with influencers offers a unique edge for influencer marketing.

The most striking features, like instant alerts and detailed sentiment analysis, set Awario apart as a dynamic tool for brand monitoring.

Awario Deep Dive

Delve into the world of brand monitoring with Awario, a tool designed to keep you informed about your digital footprint.

Awario influencer marketing dashboard view
Awario empowers you to capitalize on the surging trend of micro-influencer marketing by revealing key brand advocates and top industry influencers, paving the way for strategic partnerships and collaborative success.

Product Specifications

  1. Real-time monitoring - Yes
  2. Social media monitoring - Yes
  3. Keyword and hashtag alerts - Yes
  4. Sentiment analysis - Yes
  5. Influencer identification - Yes
  6. Competitive analysis - Yes
  7. Data export capabilities - Yes
  8. Customizable reports - Yes
  9. API access - Yes
  10. Lead generation - Yes
  11. Multi-language support - Yes
  12. Historical data - Yes, but limited
  13. Email alerts and notifications - Yes
  14. Mobile app - No
  15. Team collaboration tools - Yes
  16. Integration with CRM - No
  17. Automated sentiment tagging - Yes
  18. Boolean search logic - Yes
  19. Geolocation filtering - Yes
  20. Trend analysis - Yes
  21. Influencer scoring - Yes
  22. Image recognition - No
  23. Video monitoring - No
  24. TV/Radio monitoring - No
  25. Heat maps for social mentions - Yes
  26. Social engagement tools - Yes

Awario Feature Overview

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Awario tracks brand mentions as they happen, enabling immediate response to any engagement, brand reputation management, and social media management needs.
  2. Influencer Tracking: This key feature identifies influential voices in your niche, making it easier to build relationships with key market movers.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Awario deciphers the tone behind mentions in web pages, providing insights into public perception and customer sentiment.
  4. Competitor Analysis: It lets you keep an eye on competitors, giving a clear view of their online presence and strategies.
  5. Customizable Alerts: Tailor alerts to specific keywords or phrases to stay informed about the most critical mentions of your brand.
  6. Data Exporting: Compile and export data conveniently for in-depth analysis or reporting to stakeholders.
  7. Boolean Search Logic: Utilize advanced search capabilities to refine monitoring and gather more relevant data.
  8. Location-Based Monitoring: Filter mentions by location for targeted regional insights, which is especially useful for local businesses or location-specific marketing campaigns.
  9. Historical Data Access: Review past mentions to understand brand evolution or past engagement, which can inform current strategies.
  10. API Access: Integrate Awario’s capabilities with other tools or systems your business uses for a streamlined workflow.

Standout Functionality

  1. Boolean Search Logic: Awario's Boolean search capabilities allow for highly granular control over the monitoring process, enabling users to fine-tune their queries to an extent that is not common in most other media monitoring tools.
  2. Social Selling Opportunities: The platform's ability to spot and leverage social selling opportunities sets it apart by identifying potential leads and sales moments through social listening tools.
  3. Non-Social Mentions: Unique to Awario is its robust tracking of brand mentions across a multitude of non-social networks, encompassing forums, websites, and news sites, beyond the typical social media scope.


Awario offers native integrations with platforms such as Slack for efficient team communication and sharing of insights. The API access allows users to integrate Awario’s functionalities with their own applications or connect with other tools, expanding its capabilities. There are also add-ons available for integrating with CRM systems, though not natively.


Awario's pricing structure is competitive and offers three main tiers that cater to different user needs.

  • Starter Tier: $29/month (billed annually) - This plan is suited for individuals or small businesses looking to monitor their online presence.
  • Pro Tier: $89/month (billed annually) - This plan offers more robust features for growing businesses and agencies.
  • Enterprise Tier: $249/month (billed annually) - This tier includes all features for large businesses or enterprises requiring extensive monitoring and account manager.

Additional costs may include API access or premium add-ons.

Ease of Use

Navigating Awario's interface is generally intuitive. However, the use of advanced Boolean search logic, while powerful, can be complex for users unfamiliar with this approach. Onboarding does take time, especially for those new to brand monitoring.

Customer Support

Awario provides customer support through several channels including live chat, email, and a knowledge base. Response times are generally prompt, but some users may find the lack of phone support and advanced troubleshooting frustrating.

Awario Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Awario?

Awario is a good marketing software fit for small to medium-sized businesses, especially in the brand management and PR sectors, that need real-time alerts on company mentions. It's favored by those who appreciate detailed analytics and sentiment analysis, so use Awario if you want to enjoy all these.

Who would be a bad fit for Awario?

Large corporations or teams with team members who need extensive historical data and image/video recognition features might find Awario limiting. It’s less suitable for companies requiring in-depth TV/radio monitoring.

Awario FAQs

Can Awario monitor mentions across all social media platforms?

Awario covers a wide range of platforms with its social listening tools, but not all. It's best to check for specific platform coverage on their website.

Is there a limit to the number of keywords I can monitor?

Depending on the pricing tier, there might be limits to keyword monitoring.

Does Awario offer sentiment analysis in multiple languages?

Yes, Awario provides sentiment analysis in several languages, enhancing global brand monitoring.

Awario adheres to international data protection regulations to ensure user data privacy and consent.

Can I export the data I gather from Awario?

Yes, Awario allows you to export data for reports and further analysis.

Is there a mobile app for Awario?

Currently, Awario does not offer a mobile app.

Does Awario identify and track influencers?

Yes, Awario has an influencer identification and tracking feature.

Can I integrate Awario with other software I use?

Awario offers API access for integration and has native integrations with platforms like Slack.

What type of customer support does Awario offer?

Awario provides customer support through live chat, email, and an extensive knowledge base.

Are there onboarding resources available for new Awario users?

Yes, Awario offers resources such as webinars, tutorials, and documentation to help with onboarding.

Alternatives to Awario

  • Brandwatch: Brandwatch is better suited for large enterprises requiring deep, historical data analytics.
  • Mention: Mention excels with its user-friendly interface, making it better for beginners in web monitoring tools.
  • Talkwalker: Talkwalker offers superior image and video monitoring capabilities, making it ideal for visual brand management.

Awario Company Overview & History

Awario, a software company, provides brand monitoring solutions used by diverse companies ranging from small businesses to enterprises. It is a privately-owned company, with its headquarters located in Belarus.

The mission is to help businesses listen to their customers at every corner of the web. Since its inception, Awario has achieved milestones like developing proprietary search algorithms and expanding language support.


Awario offers a robust solution for those seeking to closely monitor and engage with their online presence, particularly through real-time alerts and social listening. While it may not have the breadth of historical data or multimedia monitoring as some, its competitive pricing and detailed analytics make it a strong option for many businesses.

Stephanie Hood
By Stephanie Hood

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