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Why join a marketing community? It's probably the best way to find mission-critical insights that help you succeed at your job—things that you can't find with a Google search or a generic interview.

The only problem? There are dozens of marketing communities. It’s tough to tell which community can help you level up your marketing game and which are full of recycled tips.

In this article, I break down the top free and paid marketing communities I strongly recommend you join in 2024.

Best Marketing Communities Shortlist

Here's a shortlist of the best marketing communities I think are worth joining in 2024:

  1. Exit Five - For B2B marketing professionals
  2. Superpath - For content marketing career growth
  3. Demand Curve - For growth operators
  4. Pavilion - For GTM (Go-To-Market) leaders' networking
  5. RevGenius - For B2B and SaaS networking
  6. Women in Tech SEO - For women in tech and marketing
  7. Swipe Files - For SaaS marketing
  8. The Marketing Meetup - For marketing knowledge and networking
  9. r/marketing - For diverse marketing discussions and advice
  10. GrowthMentor - For startup growth strategies
  11. CXL - For advanced marketing techniques
  12. Creator Kitche - For creative content strategy
  13. GrowthHackers - For growth hacking
  14. Indie Hackers - for startup insights
  15. Social Media Today - For social media trends
  16. PPC Mastery - For PPC learning
  17. Traffic Think Tank - For SEO mastery
  18. Moz Community - For SEO
  19. Grow and Convert - For content marketing
  20. BLKNS Community - For B2B sales and marketing
  21. DigitalMarketer - For digital marketing skills
  22. Social Media Examiner - For social media marketing
  23. HubSpot Community - For CRM and inbound marketing
  24. Warrior Forum - For internet marketing
  25. Product Hunt - For product marketing
  26. r/SaaS -  For SaaS marketing discussion
  27. Social Media Pro - a free group for social media managers
  28. The Content Marketing Lounge - For content marketing
  29. Adwords Mastery - For Google AdWords

Find more details about each community below.

The 29 Best Marketing Communities

Whether you’re a C-Suite marketing exec, a freelance marketer, or anywhere in between, you’ll find a marketing community that caters to your needs below.

1. Exit Five For B2B marketing professionals

Exit Five is a membership site designed for B2B marketing professionals that provides an online community for content sharing, community engagement, and professional development, spearheaded by experienced marketing leaders.

  • Audience: B2B marketing professionals
  • Size: 3,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • 7-day free trial
    • Monthly - $30
    • Annually - $300
  • Platform: Circle

"It's the best B2B community on the web (I did a lot of research, I don't say it lightly), no spam, and lots of real engagement." - Kevin B.

Why Join:
Built by Dave Gerhardt, a former CMO, and VP of Marketing, Exit Five is a private community for B2B marketing professionals to talk marketing strategy, get recommendations for vendors and agencies, and get advice from experienced marketing pros. Plus they've got a great marketing newsletter.

2. Superpath For content marketing career growth

superpath slack group screenshot

Superpath is a community focused on networking, career development, and content strategy among other topics relevant to content marketers.

  • Audience: Content marketers
  • Size: 18,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Free for limited access
    • Monthly - $20
    • Full Access - $220/year
    • Superpath Pro - $500/year
  • Platform: Slack

"Superpath's Slack group is the most supportive community of marketers on the internet. It's the first thing I check each morning, and my primary way of learning about content marketing trends directly from the experts themselves.” - Sam DeBrule, Co-founder at Heyday

Why Join:
Superpath is designed to support content marketers in their professional growth and networking. After being free for years, Superpath became a paid community in 2023—but members say it’s improved the value of the conversation. Free users still get access to a few Slack channels to chat content marketing and strategy with peers.

3. Demand Curve — For growth operators Curve

Demand Curve offers growth training and insights for startups and marketing professionals.

  • Audience: Startups and growth marketers
  • Size: 10,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Slack

“The Slack community is divided into acquisition channels, business models, and some other growth topics. It’s super active and helpful, with questions having several replies and discussions on their threads.” - Nicolás Cerdeira

Why Join:
Demand Curve provides courses, workshops, and a community where members can learn the latest growth hacking strategies, marketing techniques, and best practices from successful startups and seasoned marketers.

In Demand Curve, most Slack channels are hidden, and marketers are selectively invited to them once they’ve proven they are valuable contributors—which keeps the conversation high-quality.

4. Pavilion For GTM (Go-To-Market) leaders' networking

pavillion marketing community screenshot

With 200+ in-person and virtual events annually, Pavilion fosters networking and professional development through in-person and virtual events, peer groups, and educational resources.

  • Audience: Senior professionals and C-Suite execs in sales, marketing, customer success, and RevOps
  • Size: 10,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • $150/month or $1,375/year for entry-level pros and managers
    • $275/month or $2,700/year for VP and C-suite memberships
  • Platform: Slack

“Pavilion helped get me to the CEO role and now Pavilion is helping ensure I can lead my company in the best way possible.” - Stephanie Cox, CEO of Lumavate

Why Join:
Pavilion provides GTM leaders with a unique networking opportunity, focusing on cross-functional professional growth and leadership development which is particularly valuable for navigating the challenges of the current business climate.

5. RevGenius For B2B and SaaS networking

revgenius marketing community screenshot

RevGenius hosts events and provides resources aimed at fostering growth and facilitating connections among professionals.

  • Audience: B2B growth and RevOps professionals
  • Size: 35,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Free; or
    • RevRoom - $100/month
  • Platform: Slack

“I find that there’s less ‘pretending’ around RevGenius as there is in some other networks. Less bravado and more humanity.” - Nate Nasralla, founder of Fluint

Why Join:
A free RevGenius membership gets you access to an ambitious community of SaaS thought leaders, plus invitations to events and conferences for CMOs, sales, marketing, and revops teams. RevGenius provides a unique blend of events, resources, and networking opportunities that can significantly contribute to professional growth.

6. Women in Tech SEO For women in tech and marketing

women in tech SEO screenshot

Women in Tech SEO is a free global community aimed at supporting women in search, marketing, and tech. It is a support network focused on helping women in the technical SEO space (and other marketing fields) connect with and learn from each other.

  • Audience: Women in SEO and marketing
  • Size: 3,700+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Facebook group and Slack

“Since its launch, the global Women In Tech SEO community has been providing much-needed exposure for women in a male-dominated industry.” - Emma Lambert, Clockwork Talent

Why Join:
Women in Tech SEO focuses on inclusivity and peer-led learning, offering a space for asking questions, networking, and professional growth. Highlights include a mentorship program and in-person and virtual meetups.

7. Swipe Files For SaaS marketing

swipe files marketing community screenshot

Swipe Files is a community and resource hub led by Corey Haines, focusing on providing comprehensive marketing training specifically tailored to SaaS businesses.

  • Audience: SaaS founders
  • Size: 25,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: $499/year
  • Platform: Circle

“The Swipe Files community connected me with incredible marketers that not only helped me elevate my mindset and career, they became great friends too!” - Jacob Miller, Marketing Lead at Headway

Why Join:
In Swipe Files, you get access to four in-depth courses covering SaaS marketing, a direct line to Corey Haines (the founder of Swipe Files) for 1-to-1 advice, and access to a community of other founders and marketers. It includes practical guides, courses covering foundational to advanced marketing strategies, and access to a community for support and networking.

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8. The Marketing Meetup For marketing knowledge and networking

the marketing meetup community screenshot

The Marketing Meetup is a space for learning from top marketers and networking, that aims to educate and connect marketers worldwide, providing insights from industry leaders.

  • Audience: Marketers
  • Size: 46,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Weekly newsletter, podcasts, and virtual and in-person events

“The Marketing Meetup is a fun, supportive, and illuminating place to hang out” - Mark Ritson, Professor, Mini MBA

Why Join:
The Marketing Meetup (TMM) features in-person events, online webinars, and 100+ hours of marketing education content. Most of TMM’s in-person events are in the United Kingdom, so it’s especially worth your consideration if that’s where you’re located.

9. r/marketing — For diverse marketing discussions and advice

reddit r/marketing screenshot

r/marketing is a subreddit within Reddit dedicated to marketing professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the art and science of marketing that offers a wide range of discussions, from digital marketing strategies and SEO tactics to traditional marketing approaches

  • Audience: Marketers of all types and levels of experience, including digital marketers, content marketers, product marketers, and marketing students.
  • Size: 886,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Reddit

Why Join:
The diversity and openness of r/marketing make it an excellent resource for anyone looking to broaden their marketing knowledge. Its diverse user base contributes to a rich variety of perspectives, making it a great place for seeking advice, sharing experiences, and discussing the latest trends in marketing.

10. Growth Mentor — For startup growth strategies

growthmentor screenshot

GrowthMentor offers a platform for startup founders and marketers to connect with mentors for guidance on growth strategies.

  • Audience: Founders, marketers, sales, and product professionals—and anyone interested or involved in business growth
  • Size: 1,900+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Light - $49/month or $441/year
    • Pro - $99/month or $891/year
  • Platform: Slack

“GrowthMentor takes away the reservations I would have of reaching out to busy professionals and taking away their valuable time.” - Silvia Tosca Bertolini, Marketer at Headroom

Why Join:
GrowthMentor is a different kind of paid community—it explicitly focuses on encouraging members to set up 1:1 calls with the 600+ experienced mentors in the group, aiming to help users overcome challenges and accelerate growth.

11. CXL — For advanced marketing techniques

CXL playbooks screenshot
Source: CXL

The CXL community is a space for marketers to dive deep into advanced marketing strategies. It offers a blend of discussions, expert insights, and actionable playbooks focused on optimizing marketing performance.

  • Audience: Data-driven marketers
  • Membership Cost:
    • Monthly - $289
    • Annually : $1499
  • Platform: Website forum

“I have been with CXL for 2 years and they have changed my life professionally and personally.” - Faisal Alharbi

Why Join:
You get access to the CXL community when you subscribe to a paid membership plan, which gives you access to CXL’s highly-regarded courses and certifications on growth marketing, analytics, and conversion optimization. Expert marketers or members of the CXL team often answer posts to the community forum.

12. Creator Kitchen — For creative content strategy

creator kitchen screenshot

Creator Kitchen is a tight-knit community focusing on developing a unique voice that helps your content resonate. It improves creative work through coaching, collaboration, and community engagement.

  • Audience: Creators, consultants, and business owners
  • Size: 67 members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Quarterly - $499
    • Anuualy - $1299
  • Platform: Slack

“Creator Kitchen has been the best money I’ve spent on anything related to my professional and creative development in years.” - Ronnie Higgins, Director of Content, OpenPhone

Why Join:
Creator Kitchen is an active workspace for creators looking to differentiate and strengthen their content. The membership includes 1:1 calls, live coaching, community networking, masterclasses, and other resources.

13. GrowthHackers — For growth hacking

growth hackers screenshot

GrowthHackers is the go-to platform for individuals and businesses aiming to unlock rapid growth through hacking techniques.

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, startup teams, growth hacking professionals, and marketers
  • Size: 150,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Mighty Networks

Why Join:
GrowthHackers offers a unique perspective on rapidly scaling a business through creative and often unconventional marketing strategies. This community is rich in case studies, articles, and discussions that revolve around leveraging data, technology, and ingenious marketing strategies to spur growth.

14. Indie Hackers for startup insights

indie hackers screenshot

Indie Hackers is a community where founders and creators share stories, strategies, and insights. It's a platform for learning from successful entrepreneurs and connecting with others building online businesses.

  • Audience: Startups, entrepreneurs, and solo founders
  • Size: 200,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website forum

“Early adopter + maker community. Its genuine and does not tolerate [the] fluff and puff, look at me that afflicts other early adopter communities.” — Review from Trustpilot

Why Join:
Indie Hackers is all about building in public, and the successful case studies you’ll see from other founders are inspiring. On joining, you get access to marketing groups that share tips on topics like ideas and validation and landing page feedback.

15. Social Media Today For social media trends

social media today screenshot

Social Media Today is widely recognized for its coverage of social media trends, digital marketing strategies, and the latest in social media technology.

  • Audience: Digital marketing professionals
  • Size: 353,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: LinkedIn Group

Why Join:
Social Media Today (SMT) hosts a LinkedIn group with hundreds of thousands of digital marketers, where everyone from novices to pros mingles and shares ideas on all things social media marketing. You can also join one of SMT’s monthly live Twitter chats.

16. PPC Mastery For PPC learning

ppc mastery screenshot

PPC Mastery Community, accessible through a free Discord channel, offers a platform for PPC enthusiasts and specialists to exchange knowledge, get expert advice, and share resources.

  • Audience: Google Ads Specialists
  • Size: 6,500+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Discord

"The best PPC community to fast-track your learning and also give and receive other specialists' help. If you call yourself a PPC specialist, you have to be in this community!" - Martijn Hoekstra, Search Lead at ODIV

Why Join:
PPC Mastery is a hub for PPC professionals looking to deepen their expertise through peer learning, expert Q&A sessions, and exclusive training. Founders, Bob Meijer & Miles McNair, have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in paid ad campaigns.

17. Traffic Think Tank For SEO mastery

traffic think tank screenshot

Traffic Think Tank is an SEO accelerator offering a mix of training through its Academy and a mastermind community. It's designed to level up SEO skills, network, and career, featuring content from respected names in the industry.

  • Audience: SEO professionals
  • Size: 1,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Monthly - $119
    • Annually - $1190
  • Platform: Slack

“TTT is the best-of-the-best online SEO community & learning platform you will find. From beginner to expert, everyone levels up their game here.” - Cyrus Shephard, Founder, Zyppy

Why Join:
A Traffic Think Tank membership gets you not only access to the community—filled with industry heavyweights like Kevin Indig of Shopify, Britney Muller of Moz, and Bernard Huang of Clearscope—but an academy with 200+ hours of training, plus expert-led webinars and Q&A sessions.

18. Moz Community — For SEO

moz community screenshot

The Moz Community is a premier online forum for SEO professionals and enthusiasts. It stands out due to its focus on cutting-edge SEO practices and its nurturing environment for both beginners and experts.

  • Audience: SEO professionals, digital marketers, content creators, and business owners
  • Size: 500,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website forum

“Moz does a really good job at creating an open, no judgement community forum where ideas and concerns can be freely expressed without ridicule or embarrassment.” - TrustRadius review

Why Join:
The Moz Community offers a plethora of resources, including Q&A sessions, blogs, and guides on the latest SEO practices and trends. Common happenings include in-depth discussions on SEO strategies, algorithm updates, and networking opportunities with industry peers.

19. Grow and Convert For content marketing

grow & convert marketing community screenshot

Grow and Convert offers a comprehensive course and community for marketers looking to master content marketing strategies. The program covers everything from keyword identification and content creation to promotion and conversion measurement, tailored for B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Audience: Content marketing strategists
  • Membership Cost:
    • Lifetime access - $699
    • 6-month only - $135/month
  • Platform: Website forum

“After joining the community/course, I dedicated myself to producing a side hustle from my hobby while holding down a full-time job. In the early stages of this, we jumped on a call to discuss my [project], and you both gave me excellent advice!” - Vincent

Why Join:
Grow & Convert founders Benji and Devesh are seasoned content marketing pros, and everything they teach in the course comes from the way they get results for their agency clients (running the course and community is a side gig for them). In the community, you get direct access to them, plus access to other marketers and founders. The course provides detailed insights into creating effective content strategies that drive conversions.

20. BLKNS Community For B2B sales and marketing

BLKNS screenshot
Source: BLKNS

BLKNS is a community focused on sales and marketing from a founder, investor, and exec-level perspective.

  • Audience: B2B leaders, marketers, and salespeople
  • Size: 2,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Slack

“BLKNS community is a great place for B2B sales & marketing pros to share best practices & network.” - Chris Bogdan, CEO, Sales Rocket Fuel

Why Join:
In the BLKNS community, you’ll get AMAs with industry experts and access to prominent founders and CEOs. It provides educational materials, exclusive events with guest speakers, and a platform for feedback and support among industry peers.

21. DigitalMarketer — For digital marketing skills

DigitalMarketer marketing community

DigitalMarketer is a digital marketing community focused on upskilling marketing professionals covering various aspects of digital marketing, from email marketing and social media to data and analytics.

  • Audience: Digital marketing professionals
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website

Why Join:
DigitalMarketer offers a wide range of resources, including courses, certifications, templates, and marketing tools, tailored to digital marketing. Members gain practical skills and strategies that can be immediately applied to their marketing efforts.

22. Social Media Examiner — For social media marketing

Social Media Examiner community

Social Media Examiner is a leading authority on social media marketing. This community offers in-depth guidance on leveraging social media platforms to boost brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

  • Audience: Social media marketers, digital marketers, brand managers, and business owners
  • Membership Cost: Starts at $1 for 60 days
  • Platform: Website forum

Why Join:
With comprehensive articles, podcasts, research, and its annual Social Media Marketing World conference, members have access to cutting-edge strategies and best practices for effective social media marketing.

23. HubSpot Community — For CRM and inbound marketing

HubSpot Community

The HubSpot Community offers an interactive platform for discussions, knowledge exchange, and problem-solving related to HubSpot's tools and inbound marketing best practices.

  • Audience: HubSpot users, digital marketers, sales and marketing professionals, and business owners
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website forum

Why Join:
The HubSpot Community allows members to find answers to their questions, share their success stories, and learn from the experiences of others in a supportive environment. It's a place to stay updated on the latest trends, learn from industry experts, and connect with peers facing similar challenges.

24. Warrior Forum — For internet marketing

Warrior Forum community

Warrior Forum is a legendary platform for Internet marketing discussions, offering a wealth of knowledge on various online marketing strategies and tactics. This forum is home to a wide range of topics, including affiliate marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and much more.

  • Audience: Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, digital marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs
  • Size: 1,800,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website forum

Why Join:
Members can dive into detailed discussions, access exclusive resources, and leverage the collective expertise of a community at the forefront of internet marketing for years. It offers a unique blend of beginner-friendly advice and expert-level strategies, making it suitable for marketers at any stage of their career.

25. Product Hunt — For product marketing

Product Hunt community

Product Hunt is a community-driven platform that showcases new and innovative products daily. It's a prime spot for product makers to launch their creations and for enthusiasts to discover the latest in tech, apps, software, and tools.

  • Audience: Product developers, marketers, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Website forum

Why Join:
Joining the Product Hunt community can significantly benefit those involved in launching new products, startups, or apps. It's an ideal platform for discovering new technologies, receiving feedback from a tech-savvy audience, and networking with other creators and potential users.

26. r/SaaS — For SaaS marketing discussion

r/SaaS marketing community

r/SaaS is a subreddit focused on discussions around Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. This includes topics on starting and growing SaaS companies, marketing strategies specific to SaaS, product development, customer success, and much more.

  • Audience: SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, and developers
  • Size: 103,000+ members
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Reddit

Why Join:
r/SaaS provides a platform for SaaS professionals, founders, and enthusiasts to share news, ask questions, and discuss strategies. It's a place for learning from others' experiences, seeking advice, and networking within the SaaS ecosystem.

27. Social Media Pro — For social media managers

Social Media Pro marketing community

Social Media Pro is a community that offers a space for social media managers to share experiences, discuss the latest trends, and seek advice on challenges they face in their day-to-day work

  • Audience: Social media professionals, community managers, and digital marketers
  • Size: 55,000+ members
  • Membership Cost:
    • Facebook - Free
    • Provate community - Starts at $19/month
  • Platform: Facebook

Why Join:
Social Media Pro not only helps you keep abreast of the latest social media trends and tools but a space for discussing advanced strategies, troubleshooting specific platform-related issues, and exploring the latest tools and features. Members often share case studies and success stories, providing real-world insights that can inspire and inform your own social media strategies.

28. The Content Marketing Lounge — For content marketing

The Content Marketing Lounge marketing community

The Content Marketing Lounge provides resources, discussions, and networking opportunities focused on all aspects of content marketing, from strategy and creation to distribution and analytics.

  • Audience: Content marketers, writers, editors, content strategists, and digital marketers interested in the content marketing aspect of their campaigns.
  • Size: 8,000+ memebers
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Facebook

Why Join:
Joining The Content Marketing Lounge on Facebook is especially beneficial for those seeking focused discussions on content strategy, SEO, and storytelling techniques. It offers a unique blend of peer support for content creation challenges, detailed critiques of content pieces, and exclusive access to webinars and resources tailored for content marketers.

29. Adwords Mastery — For Google AdWords

Adwords Mastery marketing community

Adwords Mastery is a specialized community focused on mastering Google AdWords (now Google Ads), offering tips, strategies, case studies, and support for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

  • Audience: Digital marketers, PPC specialists, AdWords/Google Ads managers, and business owners who use Google Ads to drive traffic and sales.
  • Size: 22,000 + memebers
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Facebook

Why Join the Community:
By joining the Adwords Mastery community, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from professionals who have mastered the platform. Whether you're aiming to increase click-through rates, improve conversion rates, or reduce costs, this community provides the knowledge and support to achieve your goals.

How to Get the Best Out of a Marketing Community

Deciding to join a marketing community is the easy part. Getting your money’s worth? That takes a steady commitment to engage, give value, and build relationships. Here’s how I approach it.

1. Introduce Yourself

It can be intimidating to introduce yourself in a Slack group full of thousands of other professionals, many of whom you’d probably love to work for or have as clients one day. 

Bite the bullet and introduce yourself right away, explaining who you are, why you joined the community, and what you hope to get out of it. If the community is any good—and if it’s on this list —you’ll be warmly welcomed, and will probably see some immediate opportunities to make 1:1 connections.

2. Engage Actively

Don’t be a lurker. Once you’ve done the initial task of introducing yourself, keep up the engagement by contributing to discussions relevant to your skill set. Share your professional experience and ask thoughtful questions. 

Be vulnerable: the best questions come from real-life challenges you face in your marketing role; share them, and you’re sure to get support, encouragement, and advice from people who’ve encountered the same issues.

3. Follow Community Rules and Etiquette

You’ll wear out your welcome fast if you ignore the rules and unspoken etiquette of the community. A no-go for most communities is promotional posts. 

Stay away from promoting yourself unless that’s explicitly allowed. And even then, you’ll want to start by asking questions and providing value rather than giving community members the feeling that you’re there for transactional relationships.

4. Give Value Freely

“You only get what you give,” sang alt-rock band New Radicals in their 1998 hit song. It was true then, and it’s true today. Make deposits before asking for withdrawals. 

Look for opportunities to share what you know, and go above and beyond in your responses. As you start to establish yourself as a go-to person for answers on certain topics, you’ll naturally attract connections and stay top of mind for others in the community.

5. Connect 1-on-1 to Build Relationships

Scrolling through Slack and Circle threads can surface career-changing marketing strategies— but you’ll need to jump into the DMs for career-changing relationships. 

Once you’ve had a few positive interactions with someone in a group setting, feel free to ping them via DM. Community etiquette will play a big role here: many communities have a culture of being open to “virtual coffees” and 1:1 get-to-know-you calls; others (especially communities full of senior execs) may have more guardrails in place. 

As always, lead by considering the value you can offer to the other person and ask for nothing.

Join a Community and Boost Your Marketing Career

Marketing communities aren’t a cure-all. You’ve still got to put in the work. As the Traffic Think Tank’s community page says, if you’re looking for effortless silver bullets or constant hand-holding, you’ll be disappointed. But if you show up eager to engage and ready to put in the work, joining an online marketing community might just be the best thing you’ll ever do for your career.

Looking for more expert marketing perspectives? Check out our list of the best content marketing books and podcasts, and sign up for our newsletter focused on marketing leaders to keep more SaaS-focused marketing insights coming your way.

By Dozie Anyaegbunam

Dozie Anyaegbunam is the Senior Editor of The CMO, digital marketing firepower for SaaS pioneers. He's a marketing strategist with years of experience in Marketing, Communications, Ecommerce, and SEO. And has worked across verticals ranging from software to edu-tech, apparel, and F&B, leading teams at B2B SaaS startups, global multinationals, and the public sector. He’s the Founder & Host of The Newcomer’s Podcast featuring immigrants and their stories of moving to a new country, and he’s currently producing a documentary on the immigrant’s experience.