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There are so many different mobile marketing software solutions that making a shortlist of the best can be tricky. You want to create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns specifically tailored for smartphones and tablets—and now need the right solution for your brand and team. I've got you covered! In this post, I share from my personal experience using many different mobile marketing tools, and share my picks of the best mobile marketing software overall.

What Is Mobile Marketing Software?

Mobile marketing software is a tool designed for businesses to create, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns on mobile devices. It enables targeted and personalized communication through channels like SMS, email, and in-app notifications. The purpose is to optimize content for mobile formats, ensuring effective engagement with users on their smartphones and tablets.

Overviews Of The Mobile Marketing Software

Here are the top 10 mobile marketing software that I have chosen to highlight in detail. I will include the remainder of my picks in a list below, so keep reading even if you don’t find anything you like here.

Best for customer relationship management (CRM)

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $25/user/month (billed annually)
Visit Website
Rating: 4.2/5

Salesforce CRM is a software solution with mobile capabilities that helps businesses manage customer relationships more efficiently. It provides companies with insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions which can be used to create targeted campaigns and promotions tailored to meet customers' needs.

Why I Picked Salesforce CRM: Through its mobile-friendly features, marketers can create campaigns that look great on any screen size and run smoothly on any device type. Additionally, it provides automated notifications for when customers take specific actions, such as making a purchase, allowing users to tailor their messaging even further.

Salesforce CRM allows businesses to track customer interactions across email, social media, web pages, and other platforms. With this information, marketers can identify which strategies work better and adjust accordingly. Salesforce CRM includes tools for creating personalized, automated messages that can be sent to customers for increased loyalty, such as segmentation, scoring, and multichannel initiatives.

Salesforce CRM Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include the ability to automate routine tasks related to mobile marketing, such as sending follow-up emails or creating personalized notifications depending on customer behavior or preferences. This helps eliminate manual labor in executing campaigns while allowing users to drive engagement. Salesforce CRM also has unmatched client relationship building systems, which makes it great for funneling marketing efforts right into your sales team's contact list for personalized attention.

Integrations include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Workspace, Slack, Quickbooks, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Docusign, JIRA, HelloSign, Code Science, Active Campaign, and Dropbox. You can also access numerous additional integrations through the Salesforce AppExchange as well.

Pros and cons


  • Comprehensive range of features
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • AI-driven marketing analytics


  • Steep learning curve
  • SMBs may feel priced out

Best for versatile SMS marketing

  • 100 free credits (1 credit per text)
  • From $39/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.5/5

EZ Texting is an SMS marketing platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers through text messages, which have a 98% read rate. The platform's versatility is evident in its array of features, including AI Compose, Team Inbox, and AI Reply, which collectively contribute to its effectiveness in improving customer communication and engagement, with reported click-through rates at 40%.

Why I Picked EZ Texting: EZ Texting excels as a mobile marketing software by offering user-friendly, efficient SMS marketing tools that enable businesses to reach customers directly on their mobile devices. It specializes in mass text messaging, allowing for rapid dissemination of promotions, updates, and alerts, ensuring high visibility and engagement rates. The platform supports customizable text campaigns, keyword-based opt-ins, and detailed analytics to track campaign performance.

EZ Texting Standout Features and Integrations

Features include the ability to text-enable existing business landlines and toll-free numbers. This allows businesses to send and receive SMS messages using their current phone numbers, maintaining brand consistency and making it easier for customers to recognize and trust the sender. This seamless integration ensures businesses can leverage SMS marketing without needing to acquire new, unfamiliar numbers.

Integrations include HubSpot, Constant Contact, Squarespace, Shutterstock, Magento, Volusion, Shift4Shop, iContact, Shippo, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Google Ads, Keap, and dozens of other options across ecommerce software, CRMs, and marketing apps.

Pros and cons


  • Robust integration capabilities
  • Supports MMS to text images, videos, and audio
  • Keyword opt-in feature enables customers to sign up for messages


  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • Texting to the US and Canada only

Best for collecting customer reviews

  • 14-day trial (50 msg free)
  • $26/month (500 msg)
Visit Website
Rating: 4.8/5

Textedly is a mobile marketing software that allows businesses to send mass text messages to their customers. It's a super useful tool for keeping your audience engaged and informed about your latest offers, promotions, or updates. They offer both auto-responders and two-way texting so you can schedule routine messages but also answer customer queries in real time.

Why I picked Textedly: Textedly stands out as a leading platform for SMS marketing, especially when it comes to soliciting business reviews on Facebook or Google. Through Textedly's SMS campaigns, businesses can precisely target their customers and encourage them to share reviews on popular review platforms. The software enables the creation of personalized messages that include direct links to the business's review pages, ensuring customers can conveniently access the desired platform. With Textedly's comprehensive analytics and tracking capabilities, businesses can assess the success of their review request campaigns and make informed adjustments to their strategies.

Textedly Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include unlimited subscribers on any plan, which means you can grow your audience without worrying about hitting a cap. Second, it has a really cool feature called 'conversation triggers' that allows you to set up automatic replies to certain frequently asked questions. This can help solve problems or provide simple answers before elevating the concern to a live agent. They also offer webforms, so you can build a contact collection form and embed it right on your website.

Integrations include Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Shopify, Mailchimp, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, WordPress, Zoho CRM, Helpscout, Twitter, and others. You can unlock further integrations using Zapier, but that requires a separate subscription and may incur additional costs.

Pros and cons


  • Targeted & personalized messages
  • Robust analytics & tracking features
  • Opt-in compliance


  • Customers sometimes hesitant to give out phone numbers online

Best for automating your SMS marketing

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $25/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.6/5

Mobile Text Alerts offers a suite of features you can use to connect with customers through text messaging. The software's automation capabilities help you streamline your SMS marketing efforts.

Why I chose Mobile Text Alerts: I selected this tool because of its automation tools, which allow you to set up automated drip campaigns, schedule messages, and create smart replies. By syncing your contacts from other tools, you can also craft more personalized messages with the software. Its in-depth data analytics and AI technology help you stay ahead of the curve and data-driven. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Text Alerts Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include the ability to send mass texts to large groups, and MMS messaging for sending multimedia content. The platform also allows for two-way texting for interactive communication. Other cool features are mobile surveys, automated messages, text-to-join options, and customizable keywords for automated responses or alert sign-ups.

Integrations can be configured using a paid Zapier account.

Pros and cons


  • User-friendly and easy to learn
  • Excellent customer service
  • Incremental pricing tiers based on message quantities


  • Limited spam and security threat detection
  • 160 character SMS limit

Best for audience metrics

  • 30-day free trial + free plan
  • From $55/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.6/5

Smartlook is a marketing software that provides businesses with powerful user behavior analytics and session replay capabilities. It allows marketers to gain valuable insights by visually analyzing how visitors interact with their websites or mobile apps, helping them optimize user experiences and identify conversion bottlenecks.

Why I Picked Smartlook: Smartlook excels as a mobile marketing software by offering robust audience metrics capabilities. With its advanced analytics features, Smartlook allows businesses to gain deep insights into user behavior, engagement, and conversion rates within their mobile apps. It provides detailed audience metrics such as session duration, screens viewed, interactions, and conversion funnels, enabling marketers to understand how users navigate through their app, where they drop off, and what drives their actions.

Smartlook Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include a robust session replay functionality that allows businesses to visually replay individual user sessions within their websites or mobile apps. This feature enables marketers to gain a deep understanding of user interactions, pain points, and behaviors, helping them identify areas for improvement and optimize the user experience. Plus, Smartlook's event tracking capabilities go beyond standard metrics by allowing businesses to track custom events and user interactions within their apps. 

Integrations include Google Analytics, Amplitude, Bugsnag, Firebase Crashlytics, Heap, Mixpanel, and Segment.

Pros and cons


  • Powerful audience behavior insights
  • Customizable event tracking
  • User-friendly interface & implementation


  • Limited free plan
  • Slight learning curve

Best for testing & optimizing

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.5/5

Optimizely is a digital experience platform with a content management feature to create personalized content for different user segments. Its mobile and SMS marketing automation feature automatically sends messages based on customer actions or behaviors to help you maximize sales opportunities.

Why I Picked Optimizely: Optimizely excels in mobile marketing for big businesses by offering a robust and scalable platform that enables advanced experimentation and personalization within their mobile apps. With a focus on big businesses, Optimizely provides powerful A/B testing capabilities, allowing them to optimize user experiences and maximize conversions. The platform's ability to deliver dynamic and personalized content based on user data and behavior empowers big businesses to create tailored experiences that drive engagement and loyalty. Optimizely's integration capabilities and comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights, enabling big businesses to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize their mobile marketing strategies for optimal results.

Optimizely Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include its Full Stack capabilities enable businesses to experiment and personalize not only in the frontend of their websites and mobile apps but also in the backend systems and APIs. This allows for comprehensive testing and optimization across the entire customer journey. Optimizely's AI-powered analytics, known as Stats Engine, leverages machine learning algorithms to provide real-time, accurate insights without the need for lengthy test durations. Optimizely's Program Management feature offers a centralized hub for managing and coordinating experimentation programs, providing visibility, collaboration, and scalability for enterprise-level organizations.

Integrations include Acumatica, Aprimo DAM Connector, Coreware, Delighted, FullStory, Magento, OpenPay, PunchOut, Shopify Plus, and Weld.

Pros and cons


  • Allows marketers to conduct A/B testing
  • Powerful audience targeting
  • User-friendly interface


  • Pricing plans are confusing
  • May be too technical for some

Best for customer retention

  • 30-day free trial
  • From $99/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.5/5

CleverTap is a comprehensive marketing software that empowers businesses to engage and retain their mobile app users. With its advanced segmentation, automation, and personalization features, CleverTap enables marketers to deliver targeted messaging, analyze user behavior, and optimize their mobile marketing campaigns.

Why I Picked CleverTap: CleverTap excels as marketing software, particularly in the realm of user retention tools. With its robust capabilities, CleverTap helps businesses drive user engagement, increase retention, and maximize customer lifetime value. It offers features such as personalized push notifications, in-app messaging, and automated campaigns that are designed to re-engage and retain users. CleverTap's powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities enable marketers to deliver relevant and timely messaging to specific user segments, ensuring personalized experiences that resonate with individual users. By leveraging these user retention tools, businesses can foster long-term customer relationships, reduce churn, and ultimately drive sustainable growth.

CleverTap Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include AI-powered personalization engine enables dynamic and hyper-personalized messaging for each user. With its advanced machine learning algorithms, CleverTap can analyze user behavior, preferences, and historical data to deliver tailored recommendations and targeted campaigns. CleverTap's multi-channel messaging capabilities allow businesses to reach users through various channels such as push notifications, in-app messages, email, SMS, and web push. This omnichannel approach ensures consistent and cohesive messaging across multiple touchpoints.

Integrations include SendGrid, Twilio, Branch & Tune, and the Facebook Audience Network, among others.

Pros and cons


  • Powerful personalization engine
  • Multi-channel messaging capabilities
  • Robust analytics & reporting


  • Complex pricing structure
  • Technical effort for integrations

Best for beginners

Visit Website
Rating: 4.4/5

Iterable is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create personalized, omni-channel campaigns and engage with their customers at scale. With its robust features such as advanced segmentation, workflow automation, and cross-channel messaging, Iterable empowers marketers to drive customer engagement, boost conversions, and build lasting relationships.

Why I Picked Iterable: Iterable excels in providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for marketers to navigate and utilize its features. With its drag-and-drop workflow builder and visual campaign editor, Iterable simplifies the process of creating and managing complex marketing campaigns. The platform's user-friendly design allows marketers to quickly set up automated workflows, segment their audience, and personalize messages without the need for extensive technical expertise. Iterable's emphasis on ease of use ensures that marketers can efficiently execute their marketing strategies, saving time and resources while delivering impactful and personalized customer experiences.

Iterable Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include a comprehensive cross-channel marketing capability that allows businesses to engage with their customers across various channels such as email, mobile push notifications, SMS, in-app messages, and more. This multi-channel approach enables businesses to deliver consistent and personalized messaging across the customer journey, increasing the chances of capturing user attention and driving conversions.

Integrations include Google Analytics, Zendesk, Twilio, and LeadsBridge. You can connect Iterable to a paid Zapier account to access other premium apps.

Pros and cons


  • Versatile cross-channel marketing
  • Robust automation & personalization
  • Cart abandonment targeting


  • Reporting is limited
  • Slow loading sometimes

Best for marketing your app

  • 14 dayd free trial
  • From $330/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.3/5

Leanplum is a mobile engagement platform that empowers businesses to deliver personalized and data-driven mobile marketing campaigns. With its advanced features such as A/B testing, in-app messaging, push notifications, and personalized content, Leanplum enables marketers to optimize user experiences, increase user engagement, and drive app conversions.

Why I Picked Leanplum: Leanplum excels in providing tailored marketing solutions for gaming, subscription, and on-demand apps. For gaming apps, Leanplum offers features like dynamic in-app messaging and personalized push notifications to engage users, deliver game updates, and encourage in-app purchases. For subscription-based apps, Leanplum enables marketers to optimize user onboarding, send targeted offers to increase subscription conversions, and implement personalized re-engagement campaigns to reduce churn. In the case of on-demand apps, Leanplum facilitates personalized communication to keep users informed about promotions, encourage app usage, and drive repeat purchases.

Leanplum Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include a comprehensive in-app messaging platform that allows marketers to engage with users directly within the app. This feature enables real-time communication, personalized promotions, and dynamic content updates, creating a seamless user experience and driving higher engagement. Plus, Leanplum's advanced A/B testing and optimization capabilities empower marketers to test different variations of campaigns, messages, and user experiences. 

Integrations include Unity, Amplitude, Mixpanel, and Segment.

Pros and cons


  • Robust personalization features
  • Comprehensive mobile app marketing
  • Detailed analytics & reporting


  • Some integration challenges
  • SMBs may be out-priced

Best for marketing automation

  • Free demo
  • From $895/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4/5

Adobe Marketo Engage is a leading marketing automation platform that enables businesses to drive personalized engagement and deliver seamless customer experiences. With its powerful features, including lead management, email marketing, analytics, and account-based marketing, Marketo Engage empowers marketers to generate and nurture leads and optimize mobile marketing campaigns.

Why I Picked Adobe Marketo Engage: Adobe Marketo Engage excels as a mobile marketing tool, particularly in the realm of marketing automation. With its robust automation capabilities, Marketo Engage enables businesses to streamline and optimize their mobile marketing efforts. Marketers can automate various processes, such as lead nurturing, personalized messaging, and triggered campaigns, ensuring timely and relevant interactions with mobile app users. This automation helps businesses deliver targeted content, track user engagement, and drive conversions effectively.

Adobe Marketo Engage Standout Features & Integrations

Key features include advanced account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities, allowing businesses to target and engage key accounts with personalized messaging and campaigns. This feature enables marketers to align their marketing efforts with sales strategies, identify high-value accounts, and deliver tailored experiences. Marketo also Engage provides comprehensive analytics and reporting functionalities that offer deep insights into marketing performance, campaign effectiveness, and customer behavior. 

Integrations include Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords.

Pros and cons


  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Advanced account-based marketing
  • Integration with Adobe Ecosystem


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complexity for simple campaigns

The Mobile Marketing Software Summary

Tools Price
Salesforce CRM From $25/user/month (billed annually)
EZ Texting From $39/month
Textedly $26/month (500 msg)
Mobile Text Alerts From $25/month
Smartlook From $55/month
Optimizely Pricing upon request
CleverTap From $99/month
Iterable No price details
Leanplum From $330/month
Marketo From $895/month
Preview Image - <h2 class="c-block__title b-summary-table__title c-listicle__title h3" > Compare Software Specs Side by Side</h2>

Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Tools I Recommend

While I didn’t have enough space to include these on the top 10 list, they are no less worthy of consideration. I have flagged each with a best use case to help your continued research and discovery!

  1. Passworks

    Best for mobile coupons & cards

  2. Swrve

    Best for mobile popups

  3. Vibes

    Best for SMS/MMS campaigns

  4. Oracle Responsys

    Best cross-channel campaign management

  5. Textmagic

    Best for two-way text communications

  6. Improvado

    Best for automated mobile marketing reporting

  7. AppsFlyer

    Best customer journey data

  8. Pendo

    Best for customer onboarding

  9. Braze

    Best for easy cross-channel campaigns

  10. Funnel

    Best for budget and performance tracking

  11. Zaius

    Best mobile cross-sell & upsell features

  12. SOOMLA

    Best for monitoring ads appearing in your apps

  13. Outbound Engine

    Best for outsourcing marketing content

  14. Blueshift

    Best advanced segmentation to build precise audiences

  15. Optimove

    Best AI-powered customer-led marketing

  16. Singular

    Best for marketing attribution data

Selection Criteria for Best Mobile Marketing Software

Selecting a top 10 list of the best mobile marketing software is difficult. There are dozens of options with different strengths and weaknesses. To create the list you see here, I started by gathering software options that have great user reviews, maybe even won an award or two, or are a leader in their industry. Then, I dove in. I researched each mobile marketing software by scouring their website, testing free trials, and watching tutorial videos. This helped me narrow the list down to what felt, looked, and worked the best. I used my professional experience in marketing to consider what people like me would need out of a tool.

Here's a further breakdown of what I considered when deciding what to put on the top list.

Core Functionality

Let's break it down to the basics. Each mobile marketing software will work differently, have somewhat different features, and even target different audience types. But to be on this list, they must cover the following functionalities.

  • Offer comprehensive tools for creating, managing, and analyzing mobile marketing campaigns; for example, features like mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, push notifications), mobile advertising, mobile email marketing, and mobile app marketing
  • Provide robust analytics and tracking capabilities; for example, key insights metrics such as user engagement, app installs, click-through rates, conversions, and revenue generated

Key Features

Here are the key features I look for when selecting mobile marketing software.

  1. SMS Marketing: Able to design and launch text message marketing campaigns via SMS text services 
  2. Email Marketing: Many users now primarily use mobile devices for email upkeep; being able to craft mobile-optimized email campaigns is ideal 
  3. Marketing Automation: Ability to automate pesky repetitive tasks to free up team brainpower for the bigger picture stuff
  4. Push Notifications: Option for customers to get push notifications on their device when you launch new product messages and campaigns. 
  5. Bulk SMS: Send SMS marketing messages to multiple users, or groups of users, at once
  6. Social Media Marketing: Mobile-optimized campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (etc.) apps 
  7. Marketing Insights & Attribution: Know who is clicking through your campaigns + an idea of ROI per campaign 
  8. Contact Management: Track your customer list and how you can best reach them (email, phone number, in-app banners, landing pages)
  9. Mobile Ads: Ability to craft, launch, and track where your mobile ads display on the web/in apps
  10. Ad Fraud Prevention: Click fraud prevention to ensure an accurate click-through-rate for what you pay
  11. In-App Customer Service: Services within your mobile products that can directly help customers find what they need


A highly usable mobile marketing software should have a clean and intuitive interface, clear navigation, and streamlined workflows that enable marketers to quickly and effortlessly execute their campaigns. For example, a user-friendly software would provide drag-and-drop functionality for designing mobile ad creatives, offer pre-built templates for campaign setup, and have an easy-to-use dashboard for monitoring campaign performance.

Software Integrations

Two-way integration capabilities allow mobile marketing software to connect with other essential platforms, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email marketing software, analytics tools, and advertising platforms. For instance, integrating mobile marketing software with a popular CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot enables the synchronization of customer data.


A highly customizable mobile marketing platform should offer options to modify various elements, such as branding elements, message templates, campaign workflows, and user roles and permissions. For example, businesses may want to customize the appearance of their mobile messages, such as the colors, fonts, and logo, to align with their brand identity.

People Also Ask

Here are a few questions I wanted to answer before winding down the article.

Other Marketing Software

Here are some similar software reviews I've done if you are still shopping around for your MarTech stack.

  • SMS Marketing Software: Thinking about text marketing? This list narrows 'mobile marketing' to just SMS services.
  • Marketing Segmentation Tools: Deep segmentation ensures the right customer groups are getting the right marketing messaging at the right time.
  • Retargeting Software: Retargeting can help you gain customers that you've lost, and mobile marketing can play a part.

The Takeaway

Just as a master chef expertly combines ingredients to create a delectable feast, the finest mobile marketing software seamlessly blends intuitive usability, robust features, and seamless integrations to serve a tantalizing experience for marketers. Whether you're a small startup or an established enterprise, finding the best mobile marketing software requires careful consideration of ingredients: features, usability, integrations, and customization.

Remember, the best mobile marketing software is not just a tool but a catalyst for success, empowering you to connect with your mobile audience, drive conversions, and build lasting customer relationships. So, explore, evaluate, and choose wisely, as the right mobile marketing software can be a game-changer in your marketing endeavors.

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By Stephanie Hood

Stephanie Hood is an experienced marketing professional and Editor of The CMO. With nearly a decade spent as Marketing Manager at Discover Holidays and Executive Editor at VIVA Lifestyle & Travel, she built her career leading editorial and marketing teams and strategies that turn six-figure budgets into seven-figure profits. She now enjoys connecting with the world's top executives to learn their secrets to business success, and shares those insights right here with her community of like-minded professionals. Curious what she’s uncovered? Be sure to sign up for The CMO newsletter.