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As a seasoned chief marketing expert with decades of experience, I'm here to provide you with all the essential information you need to determine whether Brandfolder is the right marketing asset management software for your needs. In this comprehensive Brandfolder review, I'll offer a straightforward assessment of its features, usability, and practicality.

Brandfolder review screenshot showing creative production.
Use your creativity with Brandfolder production sheets.

Brandfolder Software Product Overview

Brandfolder is an asset management tool designed to centralize and organize digital assets, making them easily accessible for marketing teams and creative professionals. Its primary users are marketing departments and creative teams seeking efficient asset management.


  • User-Friendly: Brandfolder's intuitive interface ensures quick adoption, reducing the learning curve for teams and enabling efficient asset management.
  • Robust Search: Its powerful search capabilities make finding assets a breeze, saving time and enhancing productivity for marketing and creative professionals.
  • Custom Branding: The Brandfolder allows for easy customization, ensuring brand consistency and seamless integration of assets into marketing materials.


  • Limited Integration: Brandfolder may lack some integrations that other marketing software offers, potentially requiring additional tools for a fully comprehensive marketing stack.
  • Steeper Learning Curve: While generally user-friendly, Brandfolder's interface might still pose a slight learning curve for some users, especially those new to asset management software.
  • Collaboration Constraints: In comparison to certain competitors, Brandfolder's collaboration features may be less extensive, potentially limiting advanced collaboration needs for larger teams.

Expert Opinion

In my expert opinion, Brandfolder offers a solid solution for marketing asset management, particularly excelling in user-friendly interface design and robust search functionality.

However, it faces some limitations in terms of integrations and advanced collaboration features when compared to other marketing software options in the market.

Brandfolder: The Bottom Line

Brandfolder stands out from similar marketing software due to its remarkable emphasis on user-friendly design and robust search capabilities. What sets it apart is the ease with which users can navigate and locate assets, streamlining workflows and fostering collaboration.

Brandfolder Deep Dive

Here are 20 common features of marketing software with indications of whether Brandfolder typically has them:

Brandfolder Specifications

  1. Asset Management - Yes
  2. Digital Asset Storage - Yes
  3. Search Functionality - Yes
  4. Customizable Branding - Yes
  5. Version Control - Yes
  6. User Permissions - Yes
  7. Collaboration Tools - Yes
  8. Metadata Management - Yes
  9. Content Calendar - No
  10. Analytics and Reporting - No
  11. Social Media Integration - No
  12. Email Marketing Integration - No
  13. SEO Tools - No
  14. Lead Generation - No
  15. Marketing Automation - No
  16. CRM Integration - No
  17. A/B Testing - No
  18. Campaign Tracking - No
  19. Customer Segmentation - No
  20. Email Campaign Management - No

Brandfolder Feature Overview

Brandfolder review screenshot showing developing and delivering.
This picture shows Brandfolder and its process of development.
  1. Asset Management: Brandfolder's asset management capabilities are robust, allowing users to efficiently organize, store, and categorize their digital assets. What sets it apart is its intuitive interface, making asset management a breeze for even less tech-savvy team members.
  2. Digital Asset Storage: Furthermore, Brandfolder provides a secure and centralized repository for digital assets, ensuring easy access and reliable storage. It stands out by offering customizable branding options, allowing users to tailor assets to their brand's specific look and feel.
  3. Search Functionality: Indeed, the tool boasts a powerful search functionality that enables users to quickly locate assets using keywords, tags, or metadata. What makes it unique is the precision and speed of its search, minimizing the time spent hunting for specific assets.

Standout Functionality

Furthermore, Brandfolder distinguishes itself through its user-friendly interface, robust file management capabilities, and customizable branding options. These unique aspects position it as an appealing choice for marketing and creative teams focused on efficient file format management and the seamless integration of assets into their materials.

Additionally, this digital marketing platform offers advanced notifications to keep users informed and engaged, enhancing its overall appeal among users seeking comprehensive asset management solutions.


Brandfolder's seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud is a standout feature often praised in overall ratings and is considered a top choice among Brandfolder alternatives. It enables users to access and edit assets directly within their preferred Adobe applications, optimizing the creative workflow and ensuring efficient collaboration with up-to-date assets. Indeed, Slack integration is also highly regarded for its contribution to real-time collaboration, often drawing comparisons with Smartsheet among alternative tools.

Brandfolder Pricing

  • Essential Plan: $45/user/month
    • Unlimited digital assets
    • User permissions and access controls
    • Basic reporting and analytics
    • Custom branding and subdomain
    • Standard integrations
  • Professional Plan: $75/user/month
    • Everything in the Essential Plan
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Workflow automation and approvals
    • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
    • Slack integration
    • WordPress Integration
    • Metadata management
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing
    • Everything in the Professional Plan
    • Customizable API for tailored integrations
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Single sign-on (SSO)
    • Audit trails and compliance features
    • Custom add-ons available

Ease of Use

When evaluating the user interface and overall ease of use for Brandfolder, it receives positive feedback for delivering a straightforward and intuitive experience.

Non-profit organizations often rate it favorably in user reviews. The onboarding process is considered relatively simple, supported by clear instructions that facilitate efficient initial setup.

Customer Support

Assessing the quality of customer support offered by Brandfolder, it is generally dependable and quick to respond. The customer support team is reachable through different platforms such as live chat and email.

Brandfolder Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Brandfolder?

Brandfolder, with its comprehensive features, is well-suited as an asset management solution for mid to large-sized organizations. It serves professionals who value streamlined asset organization and effortless retrieval, accommodating various file types and catering to businesses of considerable size.

Who would be a bad fit for Brandfolder?

Digital asset management software like Brandfolder, with its robust auto-tagging and extensive features, may not be the most suitable choice for smaller businesses or startups with limited digital asset needs.

Companies with very compact marketing teams or minimal digital asset requirements might perceive Brandfolder as excessively feature-rich for their specific needs.

Brandfolder FAQs

What is Brandfolder?

Brandfolder is a marketing asset management tool designed to centralize and streamline the organization, storage, and retrieval of digital assets for marketing and creative teams.

Can I customize the branding in Brandfolder?

Yes, Brandfolder offers customizable branding options, allowing you to tailor assets to your brand's specific look and feel.

Does Brandfolder offer integrations with other software?

Yes, Brandfolder provides out-of-the-box integrations with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, and WordPress, enhancing its functionality and compatibility.

What is the pricing structure for Brandfolder?

Brandfolder offers three pricing tiers: Essential ($45/user/month), Professional ($75/user/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). Additional costs may apply for add-ons or customizations.

Is there a free tier of Brandfolder?

No, the Brandfolder does not offer a free tier.

How does Brandfolder handle user permissions and access controls?

Indeed, Brandfolder allows for user permissions and access controls, though managing them may require some familiarity with the tool.

Alternatives to Brandfolder

  • Widen Collective: Known for its robust DAM capabilities, it excels in large-scale asset management and offers advanced analytics.
  • Bynder: Provides a comprehensive digital asset management and brand management solution with workflow automation features.
  • Canto: Offers user-friendly DAM software with strong collaboration and content-sharing capabilities.

Read more about other software tools if you're interested in some other alternatives. 

Brandfolder Company Overview and History

Brandfolder is a company focused on cloud-based marketing asset management solutions, specializing in providing templates and brand assets. It serves a diverse clientele, including businesses in the advertising, design, and e-commerce sectors. Based in Denver, Colorado, Brandfolder's mission revolves around streamlining digital asset management and elevating brand consistency for marketing and creative teams.


In summary, the Brandfolder is a valuable marketing asset management tool, particularly suitable for mid to large-sized marketing and creative teams. Its user-friendly interface, robust search functionality, and customizable branding options make it stand out.

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