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Want to see what the brightest minds in marketing are talking about? Marketing Twitter (now called X) is the best place to hear straight from founders, CMOs, and other marketers.

But here’s the problem: while nearly every prominent marketer has a Twitter account, the quality of insights varies widely. Some people post mind-bending Twitter threads that change the way you look at marketing; others just retweet (I think its called repost now) their company account.

To help cut through the noise, I rounded up the most engaging and insightful marketing accounts on Twitter. From breaking down viral campaigns to teaching copywriting essentials, these 12 accounts provide a steady stream of marketing value.

The Best Marketing Twitter Accounts

Social Media

jack applebay X (twitter) account


Jack Appleby (@jappleby) is the creator of Future Social, a newsletter that teachers marketers about social media strategy. He’s worked on social strategy for brands like Microsoft, Beats By Dre, Verizon, Spotify, and Minecraft. Follow Jack on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Social media marketing and influencer marketing. Jack’s most epic tweets are breakdowns (and sometimes takedowns) of successful social media and influencer marketing campaigns.

Popular tweets include a breakdown of a Dunkin Donuts Superbowl ad campaign, a reflection on Snapchat’s social media philosophy, and an analysis of Duolingo’s social media strategy.

Best Tweet:

Jack is a must-follow for social media marketers: no one is better at picking apart the subtleties of brand social media management. In this case study, he lays out how Xbox responded effectively and nimbly to a major leak: first with a meme, then with an informal acknowledgement, and finally with an official launch video the next day. (Here’s the full thread).

jack applebay screenshot tweet

Marketing Strategy

Katelyn Bourgoin X (twitter) account


Katelyn Bourgoin (@KateBour) focuses on the buyer psychology side of marketing strategy. She’s been called an "influential entrepreneur" by Forbes and named one of the "top 20 wonder women of SaaS marketing and growth." She’s been featured in Forbes, Inc., USA Today, HuffPost, CBC, CTV, Bustle, and more. Follow Katelyn on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Buyer psychology, marketing strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Best Tweet:

Customer psychology is complex. It’s tough to break it down into all its component parts, but Katelyn manages to do so in a 20-part tweet that covers marketing psychological principles like trigger events, distinctiveness, exposure, social currency, anchoring, scarcity, loss aversion, and more. (Here’s the full thread).

Katelyn Bourgoin tweet screenshot

Content Marketing

Amanda Natividad X (Twitter) account


Amanda Natividad (@amandanat) is the VP Marketing at SparkToro, an audience research company, and has led content marketing programs for prominent brands. Whether she’s tweeting examples of great marketing or sharing takeaways from her latest SparkToro article, she always comes across as authentic. Follow Amanda on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Marketing, content marketing, and audience research.

Best Tweet:

Amanda coined the term “Zero-Click Content” to describe how content marketers should operate on social media platforms in the 2020s. Including outbound links in social content isn’t the right strategy for most brands anymore, since social platforms tend to throttle those posts. Instead, effective content marketing looks a lot more like brand-building and relationship-building. (Read the full thread here).

amanda natividad tweet screenshot
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nathan baugh X (twitter) account


Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) teaches storytelling principles using engaging lessons from authors, directors, and business leaders. Follow Nathan on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Nathan tweets about storytelling, often using quotes or examples from famous authors (like Kurt Vonnegut) or movies (like The Dark Knight) to drive his points home.

Best Tweet:

Nathan’s viral tweet about the best opening scenes in movie history is a must-read. He includes clips from movies like The Godfather, Get Out, The Lion King, and The Dark Knight, and explains the storytelling principles that make the scenes so masterful. (See the full thread here).

nathan baugh tweet screenshot

Account Based Marketing

alex alleyne X (twitter) account


Alex Alleyne (@mralexalleyne) is the founder of and a writer for Workweek. He formerly worked in sales for Amazon Web Services and Twilio. He’s one of the newer voices on this list, but he provides consistent, practical value on Twitter and on the newsletter he writes for Workweek. Follow Alex on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Sales leadership, strategy, and mindset.

Best Tweet:

Alex distills the art of sales leadership into bite-sized tips on his Twitter account. In this thread, he breaks down the key components of sales leadership—things like delegation and prioritization—and suggests practical ways for sales leaders to manage their time and energy. (See the full thread here.)

alex alleyne X (twitter) account

Branding Strategy

chris do X (twitter) account


Chris Do (@theChrisDo) is the founder of The Futur, an education platform for creatives. He’s worked on brand strategy for clients like Microsoft, Sony, Nike, and Starbucks. Follow Chris on Twitter here.

What They Tweet About:

Design, branding, and the creative process.

Best Tweet:

Chris’s excerpt from his interview with Marty Neumeier is full of branding insight. Marty Neumeier is the author of The Brand Gap, one of the most influential books on branding in the 21st century. (See the full video here).

chris do tweet screenshot

Marketing Leadership

raja rajamannar X (twitter) account


Raja Rajamannar (@RajaRajamannar) is the CMO of Mastercard and the best-selling author of Quantum Marketing, a best-selling marketing book. Most CMO’s Twitter accounts are full of brand-safe comments and retweets of their company account. Raja is one of the few who provides consistent, practical value. Follow Raja on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Marketing trends and strategy.

Best Tweet:

Chief Marketing Officers read industry reports all the time—but not many of them tweet their takeaways. I love that Raja does this, and his high-level takeaways from the report are gold. (See the tweet here).

raja rajamannar tweet screenshot

Demand Generation

rand fishkin X (twitter) account


Rand Fishkin (@randfish) is the co-founder of SparkToro, an audience research startup, and the founder of Moz, an SEO software company. His demand generation philosophy is grounded in brand-building and an audience-first approach.

What They Tweet About:

Content marketing, audience research, search engine optimization, demand generation

Best Tweet:

Rand has been doing whiteboard videos for over a decade to simplify complex concepts. And it doesn’t get much more complex than navigating the impact of large language models on search results and content marketing. This is a fascinating look at the future of organic lead generation. (See the full tweet here).

rand fishkin tweet screenshot


eddie shleyner X (twitter) account


Eddie Shleyner (@VeryGoodCopy) is a copywriter and content marketer. He publishes a newsletter that reaches 60,000+ copywriters. Follow Eddie on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Copywriting, advertising, and creativity.

Best Tweet:

Eddie has a knack for publishing micro-lessons on Twitter that make the art of copywriting come alive and feel meaningful. Here’s one of his best. (See the original tweet).

eddie shleyner tweet screenshot

B2B SaaS Growth Strategies

Ross Simmonds X (twitter) account


Ross Simmonds (@TheCoolestCool) is the founder of Foundation, a content marketing agency focused on SaaS companies. His signature topic on Twitter is content distribution—the art of getting more out of your marketing efforts by promoting your content in different formats and on different platforms. Follow Ross on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

SaaS, marketing, and content distribution.

Best Tweet:

Amongst Ross’s top-performing tweets are a number of in-depth “case study” style threads, but this tops them all. He outlines the SEO, video marketing, and branding strategies used to grow quickly into a billion-dollar company. (See the full thread here).

ross simmonds tweet screenshot

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

rich page X (twitter) account


Rich Page (@richpage) is a Conversion Rate Optimization evangelist focusing on ecommerce businesses. His Twitter is full of practical CRO tips, and he’s also the author of two books about CRO. Follow Rich on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

CRO, analytics tools, conversion research, A/B testing.

Best Tweet:

Everyone assumes A/B testing is always a good thing. But what if—sometimes—it’s not? (It can sometimes be a waste of time, or even misleading, especially if you don’t have enough traffic). I love how Rich challenges common CRO assumptions with this tweet. (See the original tweet here).

rich page tweet screenshot

Marketing Analytics

jeff sauer X (twitter) account


Jeff Sauer (@jeffalytics) is a former marketing agency owner and currently a strategist and keynote speaker specializing in digital marketing and analytics. Follow Jeff on Twitter/X here.

What They Tweet About:

Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Ads, data visualization

Best Tweet:

Most of us assume being “data-driven” is always a good thing, but in this thread, Jeff sheds light on the additional context needed to make data-informed decisions. (One common mistake is doubling down on “high conversion rates” that are based on goals that were set incorrectly). See the full thread here.

jeff sauer tweet screenshot

How to Get the Most Out of Marketing Twitter

From cultivating your feed to engaging with thought leaders, here’s how to get the most out of your experience on the marketing resource called X (or Twitter, whichever you prefer).

1. Follow the Right Accounts

If you’re not happy with the quality of your feed, it might be time for a Twitter cleanse. First, follow everyone on this article. Then, take a look at your feed and start unfollowing accounts that aren’t giving you what you’re looking for.

Moving forward, keep an eye out for interesting posts relevant to your industry, competitors, influencers, and potential customers. Tap into those conversations and follow those accounts to continue shaping your Twitter feed into a marketing education machine.

2. Be Authentic

Professional posturing? Keep that for LinkedIn. Twitter is a place for genuine engagement and personality. Share your authentic thoughts, respond casually, and don't be afraid to show some humor. Sure, you’ve heard the advice to “be authentic” on social media before—but the reason it continues to have real power is that most people aren’t following it.

For example, Amanda Natividad mostly dishes out marketing tips, but she also talks about her family and marketing-adjacent topics like testing out the Apple Vision Pro.

3. Add Value

The temptation on social media is to wonder what value you can extract from others. But if you do that, you’re playing the wrong game: the people who are most successful on Twitter are the ones who give generously.

Reply to tweets that are interesting to you and do things that add value: give advice, share your experience, add a different perspective or an interesting statistic. The people you follow will appreciate you boosting engagement on their content; over time, they’ll start to recognize your name, and you may even develop an online rapport.

4. Take Interesting Conversations to the DMs

Direct messages are not usually the best place to start a professional interaction; my Twitter inbox is full of messages from people I don’t know who are trying to sell me something. You definitely don’t want that to be you.

But as you develop rapport with fellow marketers on Twitter over time, look for opportunities to continue the conversation over DM. Don't ask for anything—just mention you love their content, thank them for creating it, or share any experience or perspectives that might be relevant to them.

5. Follow Your Favorite Marketers Off-Platform, Too

Most prominent creators put their spiciest takes on Twitter—but since it’s a short-form platform, they put their most in-depth work elsewhere. Make sure you dive deeper with whoever resonates with you: subscribe to their podcast, read their blog, buy their book, or join their community and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Create Your Own Marketing Edge on Twitter

Marketing Twitter is full of founders, CEOs, and marketers to learn from—but it’s up to you to cultivate a feed that inspires you. Unfollow or mute any accounts that aren’t providing regular value, and start following (and engaging with) marketers who are providing genuine value. Who knows: maybe soon, you’ll be creating a viral marketing thread of your own.

Looking for more ways to connect with fellow marketers? Check out our career development resources. Among other things, you’ll find a list of the best free & paid marketing communities. And make sure you join the CMO newsletter to stay abreast of the latest trends in SaaS marketing.

By Dozie Anyaegbunam

Dozie Anyaegbunam is the Senior Editor of The CMO, digital marketing firepower for SaaS pioneers. He's a marketing strategist with years of experience in Marketing, Communications, Ecommerce, and SEO. And has worked across verticals ranging from software to edu-tech, apparel, and F&B, leading teams at B2B SaaS startups, global multinationals, and the public sector. He’s the Founder & Host of The Newcomer’s Podcast featuring immigrants and their stories of moving to a new country, and he’s currently producing a documentary on the immigrant’s experience.