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In 2023, The CMO saw tremendous growth providing insights, strategies, and inspiration for marketing professionals. From the latest marketing trends to the wisdom of seasoned leaders, our articles have guided CMOs and aspiring marketers alike through the complex aspects of the role.

As we reflect on the year, we are excited to present the 10 most popular articles that captivated our readers. These pieces range from comprehensive lists of must-attend conferences and must-read books to in-depth interviews with industry leaders, offering a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Whether you're looking to enhance your skills, gain new perspectives, or simply stay ahead as a marketer, join me in exploring the top picks that have not only driven traffic but also enriched the professional journeys of many in the field.

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1. 15 CMO Conferences You Should Attend in 2024

Our leading article for traffic in 2023 lists 15 marketing conferences to attend in 2024, providing a valuable resource for marketing professionals looking to stay updated on current trends, grow their network, and learn from industry leaders. These conferences cover various aspects of digital marketing, brand strategy, and technological innovations, allowing attendees to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and gain insights from expert speakers.

Why read it? The article details each conference's focus, location, and registration process, making it a comprehensive guide for CMOs and marketing professionals planning their conference attendance for the year.

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2. The 14 Best Inbound Marketing Books for Mastering Your Craft

Written by our company’s very own Content Director, Operations, this article presents a curated list of 14 essential inbound marketing books, each offering unique insights and strategies for mastering the niche. These books cover a range of topics including SEO, content creation, customer engagement, and the use of artificial intelligence in marketing, and include influential works by renowned authors like Seth Godin, Jay Baer, and Robert Cialdini.

Why read it? This list of vetted books is valuable for marketing professionals seeking to learn more, enhance their skills, and stay ahead of inbound marketing techniques and strategies.

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3. How to Start High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (with Best Programs)

This article acts as a guide on starting high ticket affiliate marketing, which involves promoting products or services that offer high commission rates, typically $100 or more per sale. It explains the basics of affiliate marketing, the potential for significant earnings, and the importance of choosing the right affiliate programs and products that align with your niche and audience.

Why read it? The article also lists the top five high ticket affiliate programs, including Shopify, ClickFunnels, Fiverr, WP Engine, and SEMrush, and offers practical steps to succeed in high ticket affiliate marketing.

CMO Interview questions and answers

4. 11 CMO Marketing Interview Questions to Ask

This article shares 11 interview questions to ask candidates for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or high-level marketing position. They are designed to go beyond the candidate's basic interest and background in marketing, exploring their approach to challenges, strategic thinking, and leadership style. The questions cover topics such as learning from unsuccessful campaigns, understanding and pitching the company's business, staying abreast of marketing challenges and tools, and envisioning the company's future.

Why read it? This article is valuable for hiring managers and executives as it provides a way to assess the depth of a CMO candidate's expertise, their fit within the company culture, and their potential to drive successful campaigns.

Scott Davis On The Top 5 New Marketing Trends Leaders Need To Know Featured Image

As Chief Growth Officer of Prophet, Scott Davis has over 25 years of brand, marketing strategy and new product development experience and has written several books. In this interview, I had the opportunity to ask Scott questions including how he forecasts upcoming trends, whether it’s best to be an early adopter, and what factors leaders should consider before jumping on a trend.

Why read it? Scott shares the top five marketing trends leaders should know about in 2023, many of which are relevant still in 2024. From enriching the organization’s depth of customer understanding to defending marketing budgets better, it’s all here.

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6. The Top 13 Marketing Books Read by CMOs in 2023

This popular article lists the top 13 marketing books read by Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in 2023, offering valuable insights for professionals looking to enhance their marketing knowledge and leadership skills. The books cover a range of topics, including essentials for effective CMO leadership, evolving marketing strategies in the digital age, inbound and content marketing, product marketing, and the importance of storytelling in brand communication.

Why read it? These books can provide CMOs and marketing professionals with new strategies, inspire creativity, and help in developing a deeper understanding of modern marketing challenges and opportunities.

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7. 13 Email Marketing Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Hosted by experts in the field, these popular email marketing podcasts provide insight into the realms of strategy development, content creation, campaign optimization, and the latest industry trends. Highlights include "The Email Marketing Show" by Rob and Kennedy, which offers strategies for both B2B and B2C markets, and "The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast" by John McIntyre, focusing on practical marketing tips and industry insights.

Why read it? These podcasts are valuable for anyone interested in enhancing their email marketing skills and strategies. We’ve included links to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, for easy queuing.

The incredible campaigns CMOs wish they thought of featured image

8. The Incredible Campaigns Marketing Executives Wish They’d Thought of Themselves

In this article, we asked eight marketing executives which campaigns left them thinking “I wish I’d thought of that.” The selection, which includes MailChimp's 'Give Where You Live,' Subaru's 'A Beautiful Silence,' and the Barbie movie, are celebrated for their creativity, effectiveness, and ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. The professionals interviewed, including Jessie Van Arman from Meta and Sheena Hakimian from Conde Nast, highlight the importance of consistency, brand persona, and authentic storytelling.

Why read it? You’ll gain insights into successful marketing strategies, understand the genius behind the campaigns, and draw inspiration from exemplary creativity that has impressed the best of the best.

Rachel Sterling on How to Lead a Successful Marketing Management Team featured image

9. CMO Rachel Sterling on How to Lead a Successful Marketing Management Team

In this interview, CMO of Identity Digital, Rachel Sterling, shares her journey from TV production to leading marketing at a tech company. She emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking, creativity, leadership, and data-driven decision-making, and discusses her approach to recruiting and nurturing top talent. Rachel's top five tips for motivating a team include setting clear goals, fostering a positive culture, encouraging growth, and maintaining open communication, which she explains more in-depth in the article.

Why read it? The interview is valuable for its insights into effective marketing leadership, team management, and the blend of creativity and data in crafting successful marketing strategies. It offers practical advice for aspiring marketing professionals and leaders, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and fostering a collaborative and supportive team environment.

Mona Charif On 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career As A CMO Featured Image

10. Mona Charif on 5 Things You Need to Create a Successful Career as a CMO

In this article, Mona Charif, CMO of NTT DATA Services, shares her insights on creating a successful career as a CMO. She discusses the five R’s of marketing—reputation, reach, resilience, respect, and relationships—and emphasizes the need for CMOs to understand and leverage marketing technologies, listen to their teams, and develop metrics that demonstrate their impact on results.

Why read it? You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the key qualities and strategies needed for effective marketing leadership, as well as practical advice from a seasoned CMO on navigating the challenges and opportunities in the marketing field.

Your Reading List is Ready 

From insightful interviews with industry leaders to comprehensive roundups of conferences, podcasts, and books, these top performing articles have provided invaluable resources for marketing professionals seeking to enhance their skills and stay ahead in their field.

I hope this hot list offers enough inspiration and practical advice to guide you to success in 2024 and beyond.

To read more great articles like these as they come out, be sure to subscribe to The CMO newsletter. We’ll send only the very best straight to your inbox.

Stephanie Hood
By Stephanie Hood

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